Or, plan for a superhero-themed class where attendees can wear T-shirts and colored leggings. Artful Intention Statements, Manifesting Big Dreams through Words and Images. Understanding The Relationship Between Fitness And Sleep. Handouts for home practice provided. Connecting more deeply with women in your yoga community/tribe to develop and strengthen this important support system. General yoga classes often require students to focus on their own practice and go inward, holding discussion to a minimum. Especially good for new students but also great for continuing students as a helpful refresher. To get started, check out the myriad of breweries that are available to rent on Peerspace. Therapeutic Partner Yoga. But people want to have a good experience, and you have to deliver. Onderwerpen zullen oa zijn: de hoofdpunten en structuur van een yoga nidra, het Sankalpa, lange en korte yoga nidra’s en achtergrond informatie. Conduct research to find out what the most pressing needs are in your local community. Join our growing community of mindful writers, and contributors. Yoga marketing idea #4: Wellness partners Your local partners play a big role in promoting your yoga event, too. Experts often recommend yoga for individuals struggling with body-image issues and eating disorders, so consider partnering with a local treatment center for this workshop. Incorporate loving-kindness meditations into your yoga workshop to create a body-positive class centered around self-love. Perhaps you could host an ’80s exercise class-themed workshop where students come in legwarmers and lots of neon colors. Hosting a special workshop doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. So instead of racking your brain to get the right theme, check out these ideas! Arm balances. Choose a theme and ask your students to come to class dressed in costumes (and keep in mind the garbs should still comfortable enough to move in). Remind everyone to tag you in their photos. A theme of opening up a specific area of the physical body, such as shoulders the hips or a focus on a particular set of asana that fit with the season such as; twists for Spring Detoxing or grounding restorative poses during the Winter Holiday Season. Aerial Yoga. YOGA NIDRA workshop ~ 23 januari 2021 Deze dag is om yoga nidra te ervaren. this adorable method of teaching in practice. Vraag maar dan componeer ik er eentje. Peerspace can help you find a one-of-a-kind space to host your workshop. Mindfulness, Mantra, Mandala, Metta, Sound, Zen………Many other choices, and please make it interesting, creative and non-threatening – especially for beginners. Motivate students with the promise of booze! Different workshops will focus on different aspects of yoga. There are quite a few examples of this adorable method of teaching in practice. Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating practice and a guided meditation with many health benefits. You’ve spent hours developing the program, designing sequences, weaving in teachings, and creating handouts to ensure the content you’re sharing sinks in with your students. Backbends. The New Moon and the Full Moon are really great times for a workshop with the yin/yang elements within the female moon energy of growth, creation, completion and release. SEE ALSO: 13 Things You Need To Know About Enlightenment. Bring cat-loving yogis together for an hour of yoga surrounded by feline friends. Students will be sure to post about it, so clearly list your social media handles in the workshop space and website. Start by asking a local animal shelter or cat cafe about partnering for an event to promote both your studio and adoption. Mindfulness & Meditation for Teens (13+) This all abilities inclusive workshop is for teens to experience a deeper practice of mindfulness techniques and meditation. The business of yoga. This yoga workshop idea can be an awesome way to get first-time yogis interested in learning more about your classes. Seven main spiraling developmental, psychological and spiritual energy centers of the metaphysical body – this theme could easily be a workshop or class series. This yoga workshop idea is also important for everybody year-round, so it can become a regular part of your offerings. Yoga Nidra teaches you that you have a home within yourself, and it teaches you the way to return there. It’s not always easy to get the right theme for a workshop. Attendees can walk away with more flexibility, less stress, and a whole lot of love. Something related to yoga: ayurveda, astrology, crystals, ecstatic dance. Consider arranging a drink ticket system with the venue, allowing attendees to pay one all-inclusive price for the class and drinks. You might be pleasantly surprised. You may have to modify your usual curriculum for little ones, but opening your class up to all ages can be a great way to win over busy parents who otherwise would not be able to attend.