ANOTHER YKALINGA GOT HIS FIRST STAR Extending our felicitations to the newly promoted Ykalinga soldier. Pinukpuk Kalinga Province Jan Paganao. Shemen Padua 6,310 views. Aciga Tree is located in Asiga, Pinukpuk, Kalinga Apayao, Philippines.. The is perhaps the biggest acacia tree in Kalinga within a village. welcome to the Capital of Kalinga Province! You can walk around the city of Tabuk for example, or trek along the rice paddies in Tinglayan and visit the famous Tinglayan Rice Terraces. Tourist Attractions Kalinga may be an attractive destination for people who love the mountains, but the province has still a lot more to offer. It is found at the school ground of the Aciga Elementary School and it is rumored that the tree is a landmark for the treasures of Yamashita. Experience Tabuk, where a quiet life awaits everyone in this mountain city. The Kalinga Soul Through The … Located on the eastern side of the Cordillera Mountain Range, Tabuk is 514 kilometers north of Manila.It is bounded on the north by the town of Pinukpuk, On the east by Rizal town, on the southeast by Quezon town of Isabela, on the south by Paracelis, Mt. Province and Tanudan town, and on the west by the towns of Pasil and Lubuagan. Tabuk, as it capital is the gateway to those. Unexpectedly, Kalinga province has a lot of “not so popular” but definitely beautiful and natural attractions that are waiting to be explored. Tourist Spots in Pasil, Kalinga - Duration: 7:36. 7:36. BGen Noel T Baluyan from Pinukpuk, Kalinga is a member of the Philippine Military Academy "Bigkis Lahi" Class of 1990. 06/11/2020 .