That covers everything I already have for Order, so bonus. Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage (280)- Artefact: Patrician's Helm- Lore of Eagles: Aura of Glory. Steadying himself, his curses were lost to the winds. making them a perfect Allied Detachment for a 2000 point Tempest’s Eye matched play force. Later on, the Martian Tempests and their Fighting-Machines fought in both Hogsmeade and Winterfell just as Evangelion unit-01, unit-02, and unit-08 defeated the angel, and later, Haven City, in which Jak and Daxter and Crosshairs on a search and destroy one of the Dark Energon Crystals beneath it. I really don't plan on making a Free Peoples army, I just wanted a human unit to sometimes accompany a mixed Order army. Leaders. CoS - Tempests Eye. This feeds into the overall army design, i can comfortably bubble wrap the important parts of my army with the freeguild guards who’re on a 3+ save in combat T1 and if my opponent chooses to give me T1 they can still run an average of 13″. The warrior sheltered his eyes against the slant of the weather, yet still he could see naught. Knight-Azyros (100)- City Role: General's Adjutant. Watch Queue Queue. This video is unavailable. Leaders . I chose them to be from the Tempest's Eye free city, because I like the lore I read about it, and I can have the benefits with my Stormcast Eternals, and Dispossessed, and Ironweld Arsenal. Army List. Tempest’s Eye. Battleline. The new Tempest’s Eye boxed set is a great place to start your army, with 20 Ironbreakers or Irondrakes and a Warden King, as well as a Lord-Castellant, 6 Prosecutors and a Gyrocopter. Against Colossi, an un-upgraded Tempest takes five shots to kill a Colossus, however with +3 air upgrade only four shots are needed. I am still getting used to the rules and built my army based around what was required for the Aetherguard Windrunners to form my 980 pt base. September 7, 2019 October 5, 2019 ~ Lee. These non-Dispossessed units add up to 380 points (if you leave out the Gryph-hound!) Watch Queue Queue Vs. Terran . ‘Land ahoy!’ came the shout again, muffled now as the tempest neared them. Battlemage (90)- General- Command Trait: Hawk-eyed- Lore of Eagles: Strike of Eagles- Mortal Realm: Hysh. A newbies Cities of Sigmar/Tempest's Eye List, begging for some C&C. Abel Balat grasped the bulwark as the deck of the Santa Del Rey heaved towards him. - City: Tempest's Eye Mortal Realm: Aqshy. Tempests can be best used against an immobile mech army, using the range difference in order to slowly pick … Tempests can be used with late game army to snipe enemy Colossi and forcing the enemy to retreat or to fight an unfavorable engagement.