you have to launch fifa with the controller already connected and if it has the controller buttons as the selections for menu items etc not the pc keys you can play with it . But that doesn’t completely disqualify some of the tough competition. … We’ve tested the top PC controllers to help you choose the right pad for your gaming PC. Sooo, yeah… the Fanatec Clubsport setup is the price of a powerful gaming PC, but it’s also the stuff of gaming peripheral dreams – and it’s all down to just how beautifully designed, created, and finished the Clubsport kit is. One thing to note – this controller is wired, not wireless, although when playing competitively you’ll be grateful for the reduced input lag. I use it on both consoles, haven't had any issues, find the controller is high quality. There's an excellent chance you can sell the FIFA codes from this so factoring that in this is the cheapest way to get a brand new first-party Dualshock 4 right now and for the foreseeable future. Almost everything about it has been designed to just scream ‘QUALITY!’ in your face.  Chunky (it’s a good thing)  Incredibly well-built  Fantastic throttle action. But there are a whole host of customisation options buried in there if you really want to go deep. Hey guys, I m looking to buy a nice controller for PC for FIFA, I heard the Xbox One is a good one but also heard that the top left stick gets damaged if you play lots of FIFA since we using that alot. Arsenal’s best Premier League XI: Henry, Vieira & top players of modern era ; Which controller settings and camera settings are best in FIFA 21 – which is out on October 9 – and which do pro players use, then? The Fanatec system has hands-down the best force feedback system we’ve ever used, even down to feedback from the pedals, too. Thrustmaster’s Warthog flightstick is a replica of the controllers in the classic A-10 Tankbuster, seemingly hewn from the same military-grade materials, and probably only slightly cheaper than a second-hand plane. Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. You can expect to pay from about $40 to $170 for a new PS4 controller.. Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2. Additionally, the controller shape has been tweaked so this controller fits a wider range of hand shapes and sizes, although these slight adjustments mean some previous attachments might no longer be compatible. This is a helpful guide for people new to FIFA.  Fantastic battery life The Xbox One controller is simply one of the best controllers there is – for Xbox or otherwise. The best high-end controller for PC is the Xbox One Elite Series 2. The best paddle controller for PC is the Razer Wolverine Ultimate. We sometimes include relevant affiliate links in articles from which we earn a small commission. FIFA 21 Controller Settings. I find multiple games not working properly with the new xbox controller in bluetooth mode.  Satisfying clicky switches And if you’re a dedicated racer then a steering wheel, with good force-feedback, can shave valuable seconds off your in-game lap times. Unfortunately it does suffer for being designed for the Switch because it lacks proper analogue triggers, something that’s important in a growing number of games, and that’s absolutely vital in any arcade racer that isn’t Mario Kart. The DualShock 4 is Sony’s best controller to date, and lucky for us it’s compatible with Steam’s entire library of games. The Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller (the newer CUH-ZCT2 model) is the best PC game controller for most people. fifa 19 for pro controller 1. While they allow you to use more of your hand and reduce unnecessary delays. The elite is the best controller ever made. Solid build. Full 900-degree rotation FLYERthanaHANDOUT. To access these options, you can head over to the Customise tab in the FIFA 21 Main Menu, select Settings, and then go into Customise Controls. What we like Just press the PS button on the controller to turn on your PS4 and get sucked into a trance of gameplay. PC support for the PlayStation’s DualShock 4 pad is growing. The best flight stick is the Thrustmaster Warthog. That equipment will be enough for basic shooting and motions on the pitch. Most people aren’t going to blow a four-figure sum on a racing wheel – if you are then bully for you – and a perfect budget option that will still give you a pretty realistic driving experience is Thrustmaster’s TMX wheel. Pitch Notes. It’s a fantastic pad, but can’t quite hold a candle to the Elite. Although this is the most expensive controller listed here, its clicky face buttons are the gamepad-equivalent of jumping to a mechanical keyboard for the first time. A genuinely great budget controller for PC.  High build quality. Best FIFA controller settings. Hybrid D-pad The best cheap PC controller is the EasySMX Wireless.  Analogue stick supremacy The best PC racing wheel is the Fanatec Clubsport. Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. The EasySMX Wireless is proof positive you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a well-built PC gaming controller. When he's not browsing Amazon seething about graphics cards stock for his haggard rig - not a good look for a hardware writer - you might find him mountain biking, or playing his current favourites: Forza Horizon 4, CS:GO, and Microsoft Flight Simulator.