I ordered a lavender Phenomenal online from a popular source. Spring may arrive sooner or later in your area than in California or New England. Early blooming Lavenders will always be the first ones to show off in the garden, whether this is in May or June in your area. Visit the Farm. Thank you to all of our visitors! The farm is open for the season! Other plants with nice flowers that do well in shade include bleeding hearts, foxglove, and and lily of the valley. Read on to find out! When you want your lavender to re-bloom; This is no doubt the main reason why flowers are deadheaded. In central NY and the Finger Lakes region there are a number of growers, including Lavender Crest, Lockwood Lavender Farm and Ol’Factory Soaps & Scents. Best Sellers. Lavender Farm. Thanks to all who visited!! Thanks to all who visited us this summer. How to get to the nearest lavender fields from Nice (French Riviera)? July 29th 2019 We are sad to say that our Lavender bloom is officially over. (+ a free map!) Lavender ‘Phenomenal’ blooms for several weeks in the mid-summer (usually in June) and can carry on blooming in to the Fall with the optimal climates and growing conditions. July 26th 2020 - The bloom has come to an end. Lavender does best in full sun, but can be tolerant to some shade. But the bloom sequence of Lavenders remains unchanged. Learn more! Rated by Country Living as one of the top six stunning lavender farms to visit in America. When does ‘Phenomenal’ Bloom? When and where does lavender bloom in Provence? Submitted by Alfreida Coleman on May 7, 2020 - 6:57pm. In an effort to farm the fields at Los Poblanos while remaining true to sustainable practices in our high-desert climate, Armin Rembe planted the first lavender crop in 1999. While there is no more lavender We offer locally produced lavender products - from our farm to your home. The farms will remain open through August 7 days a week. Lavender Pillow Mist. Since 2002, Lavender by the Bay has been New York's premier lavender farm. Lavender by the Bay is a lavender farm which is located in East Marion, Long Island just past Greenport.It’s a premier lavender farm and one of … Continuously Blooming Lavenders. Follow us on social media for updates. After complete flowering, lavender like other flowers tends to engage in making seeds instead of blooming again, it is now left to the gardeners to decide it’s faith. However in New York State, there are a number of farms growing lavender, some as a small portion of their production, others devoted entirely to lavender.