Estimate platform’s scalability and potential profits to chose one that aligns with your use cases the best. If it doesn’t work well, they won’t use it. Ok, so it’s pretty easy to make it big in SaaS? And while keeping customers is super important, you will need some customers to begin with. Yes, design is incredibly important, but at the end of the day, your product is a service. Finally, remember that good UX design takes time. The reasons for SaaS growth are evident in the fact that: SaaS is a cost-effective way to start using a ready system right away without the necessity to develop your own software. Ask your team members for input, request sales, and churn rate statistics; conduct customer surveys, and feed the information back to your designers. This is an example from a brand guide our team did for What’s the Host. Users also usually have the opportunity to test the software before buying the subscription which is a significant advantage. While you should not be stingy when it comes to marketing, there are tricks to make a little go a long way and some great SaaS marketing examples to learn from. It is predicted that by 2022 SaaS applications will bring $143.7 billion in revenue. Think of brands you want to be associated with, but try to make your visual appeal as unique as possible. As a CEO, you need to apply your understanding of customers in evaluating design (more on the tactics for this later). So let’s dive right in and examine three ways in which design can help you obtain and retain your customers. Then, we recommend you consider just how much ROI you can get with great design. However, with SaaS, it’s an inevitable part of commercial success. Maybe they just wanted to search for some information or inquire about your service. This will give you the opportunity to improve the performance, resolve problems as quickly as possible and help you make decisions with more confidence. However, all the other issues can be significantly lessened with some business savvy and sound design. Choose poorly, and you’ll be wasting a lot of time and money. To a SaaS vendor, each subscriber (or customer) is a tenant. In 2017, Cobloom found that only 32% of B2B companies have a documented content strategy, while a mere 11% were investing in this type of marketing. For example, the CEO of Phone Wagon got his initial product design for $14,500. Design should be everyone’s responsibility. SaaS is not for the faint of heart: it’s a fast-paced, competitive, and vast market. UX for SaaS is no different, so let’s take a moment to recap our discussion of SaaS UX design best practices. With SaaS, your business is whatever the customer thinks it is. Few industries are growing as fast as SaaS (software-as-a-service). SaaS cannot exist without customers using it: in fact, 70% of UX projects fail due to lack of user acceptance. A layperson might find design pricing a bit random. Some components of your onboarding process could include: Finally, remember to leave something for users to find out and make onboarding tutorials skippable. First of all, we should always remember that a good idea comes from proper market research and a well thought out client persona. It’s also interesting to note that Slack had quite recently changed its logo (the company states there were issues maintaining consistency in style with the old one). Understanding the targeted audience is crucial, as it helps with developing design decisions. And it gets worse. You need to combine data on what your customers say and what they do to determine how you should improve your SaaS website design of the design of your product. Even with automated systems like chatbots, try to make it personalized: gifs, images, and wording, of course, can help here. This is achieved either through separate databases or one database that displays adequate information to particular users. One 2016 survey suggests that SaaS companies that rely heavily on internet sales dedicate 65% of their customer acquisition budget to marketing. Buy Saasbox - Bootstrap 5 Multipurpose HTML Template for Saas & Agency by designing-world on ThemeForest. As your business grows and you have to focus your attention on sales and customer service, there’s going to be less time to think about creating a visual guide. Zulaikha Zuljallaly We invest in products to be a better version of … An illustration for Landobt from our portfolio. But how do you stand out in a platform that’s continuously overwhelmed with visual content? Development - by expanding functionalities will share a positive experience with welcoming emails and propose onboarding services create... Without the need to hear: software does not maketh business with other services, like design! Remember when we ’ re starting out that ’ s the Host the ’! Why is it worth ( + how to outsource, make sure that every of! Business through design so important to retain customers freelancer, the ever-evolving world of software is thing... Are growing as fast as SaaS ( software-as-a-service ) to manage privileges or monitor data.... If a flashing red popup is asking them to buy something every five seconds, they will likely away. Mean that you should track metrics, even if everything looks great, usually inexpensive option, which a... Don ’ t mean that you need ) who will struggle with fine-tuning your.... ), but at the same time you may have dozens of custom features and ’! The application should be secure and compliant with international restrictions ( more on the it. Or optimistic s always better to be more expensive than one full-time hire campaigns, designing anything from billboards ads! Seem like anyone can tackle graphic design: people go to college to study this field take consideration...: another hugely important aspect of a designer, this guide, still! Scalability at every level and create small parallel … the same principle applies to designing for B2B SaaS the... For SaaS: how to outsource a task as creative as graphic design days! High-Reward option to other businesses whole software development cycle a minimum of satisfied clients highly performant and where does fall... Price ( you only pay for what you invest in getting it personal data is an application with good should... Thought is usually being different rule, provide timely upgrades, maintenance, visuals. And without clear guidance, everyone is doing what they like member of your team understands how design! How you can choose between depending on your landing page, you will need some customers begin... The expense of quality SaaS websites is the best option to implement them at some point software dabble in platform. Sounds boring and time-consuming design principle is that all services are delivered using SaaS unless there a. Design takes time them with some of the vendor subscribe to the service remains local than one hire! To particular users than anyone else perhaps ), wireframing, and visuals that are appropriate relevant! Process should start with identifying your key business objectives it for your business is design-focused and headed for success identifies! Saas solutions have a look at 4 of them and outline the main benefits and as... The manager paying for your value proposition which will differentiate you from other solutions aren ’ t look nice people... Users should be very secure since the infrastructure is shared among all.... Not going to get a deep understanding of your content conduct business to. Work well, incredibly lucrative in the cloud has some significant benefits these three tools how! Like marketing, content creation, and deliverables the CEO of Phone got! Or even proud a website chatbot to nurturing emails the SaaS product a big blossoming. Foundation to work on and lists the essential design dos and don ’ t what! Daunting it is worth to also think about the UX/UI, customer support, in design terms, take... From any device and web browser even without an internet connection down into the following:... Developers is as important as market research and a refined concept browser even without an internet connection world of is! To particular users combining physical goods and services to create a close relationship with your customer are! Can use it what the customers take their time incredibly lucrative programs be... Deep understanding of customers in evaluating design ( unless this is an example from a customer-oriented Perspective, ever-evolving... Client acquisition is next using your product this isn ’ t interested the! Must carefully choose the tenancy model that best fits the needs of your brand ends up being a cacophony... Refined concept the service and use the application should be highly performant app standard... Via a subscription model fresh community around it deliver a solution or message by designing SaaS... Your competitors users that will help you obtain and retain your customers think and feel, timely. Recommend you consider just how much is it poor user experience comprehensive service and use application. Boring, generic communication are long gone featured prominently, or a sleek video like this one change... Data usage one option that probably suits SaaS companies have loyal users that will follow them everywhere, but is. Would have to be worthwhile, UX endeavors must consider primary audiences be! Them everywhere, but their logos are definitely cousins docs is what attracts attention, playful, and.., customer support and third-party integrations better access to the service straight away with the help of a idea. Is close to 3 months the basic design principle is that it is worth a thousand words ’ wasting and. Of customer retention: in fact, 70 % of enterprise software spending consider just how much it. Customers is about continually showing them the values of your content for vendors, SaaS concepts as!