Unless the cut is very simple like cutting the sheet in half, I usually push my plywood on the cart to the drywall tools area. However, even coming from a 5Star/5Diamond training background, I still have to remind myself, smile - at the saw , you are helping the customer with their project and the store with sales. Press J to jump to the feed. That would reduce the amount of cutting you would have to do. How to Approach an Employee to Get Lumber Cuts. The Home Depot on 23rd Street & 6th Avenue will likely send you to us (we’ve been in Chelsea since 1962!) Never been charged. 1. They'll cut it, and depending on how much, also free of charge. Doing so will instantly make you visible, as associates don’t want to get caught letting a customer mess with off-limit equipment. And for 42 of those cuts. Home Depot carries wood blinds in dark brown, light brown, and white colors. Most cut what you need trim pieces are 14′ or 16″ long so you cut one piece 12′ long. In the cull pile it went. I left complete instructions with the service department to cut 20 shelves out of a sheet of maple plywood that cost me $50. Again, be aware of busy times, try to avoid the rush hours, and be patient. Usually, I plan on them not being as free or willing to help as the more likely scenario. Yes, they will cut wood for you. the wood left over after people have cut theirs to order. The first thing I tell people is that it is a rough saw- not finish, there may be chips at the cut and the saw is a little out of square-all true. Their salary depends on it! Let the cashier know, as they have a button that will automatically send out a page for loading assistance. Make sure you choose the best time to go to Home Depot. The right answer is the lumber cart. Push your cart to the panel saw. Instead of a never ending time sucking level in Dante's inferno where someone never sees the light of day and time stands still. Thank you for the tips. Thank you. Just consider them abandoned when you sell your home, unless of course if you love your appliances and take them with you to your next home! Home Depot Cut Glass Custom Mirror Cutting Home Depot Cut … The ripping of the plywood in horizontal cuts tends to be off due to inexperienced operators who don't keep the board flat to the saw. I just used Home Depot and they did all my cutting for some garage shelves. That's for cutting 4' X 8' sheets. Couple weekends ago I had Home Depot cut me a bunch of 2x4s out of plywood sheets for a weekend of fun putting a floor down in the attic. There are many projects I'd like to take on, but I often dont have the equipment to make the necessary cuts (maybe some day I'll invest in a table saw, but first I want make sure I at least have some talent for diy & am not all thumbs so to speak). Jul 12, 2017 Home Depot will do one or two cuts, but they are not precision cuts. Only who has been struggling to get a proper cut knows what you´re talking about. So be honest about your inexperience and your need for their assistance. Local hardware stores, such as Home Depot or Lowe's, often have a section dedicated to wood and woodworking projects. It turns a two-person job into a one-person job. Perhaps you are the one who vanished, and the associates you see don’t seem to see you. HD corporate will ALWAYS state they do not/will not make precision cuts; which to them means cut to exact length. It's best to load your plywood with the face of it to the back of the saw. Find the plywood, MDF, pressure-treated lumber and all the tools and supplies you need to complete your woodworking project. A project that big warrants you finding a friend with tools or buying some of your own. Thanks for the tips. This is a very important step. We have no tools beyond a hammer and screw-drivers, but I was thinking maybe I could put together a platform bed if I had the pieces pre-cut … Yay, you’ve arrived! They will not do precision cutting, once cut -- it is yours (I think this means the same -- you won't get a refund if it doesn't meet your application. If there is no call button, one of three things will happen next: If you find yourself in the third situation, you are good to go! Make sure you find help before you walk back there to the saw... if they see you back there, they scatter like roaches. The cut may start out correctly, but by the end of the cut, the board will slip resulting in measurements that are skewed. 1. It doesn't just help me get my plywood cut. On the matter of the pencil, it's seldom you will find a lumber associate that actually carries a pencil. Your attitude is an excellent example of excellent customer service and, excellent customer interaction. Most of the stores who provide wood-cutting services have policy guidelines posted. I'm not sure how they measure before cutting, but it's always off by half an inch or so. Run through this checklist before heading out to the store: I’ve done this so many times before that I have developed a routine. You are awesome, thank you for the cutting 411. Learn how to get great wood cuts from Home Depot, whether it's your first time doing so or not! Home Depot and Lowe's will only make straight cuts. The Home Depot will eliminate the purchase of wood and wood products from endangered regions around the world. I would not recommend getting anything cut at Home Depot. My most recent experience reaffirms that the process works. One thing that I feel this article is missing, or maybe I overlooked it, is the fact that lumber has straight edges to start. How is THAT for customer service????!!!!! Yes, some stores have carts inside the store. To get the best cut possible, follow these four tips to make it happen. Well here's the tie-in! I do not rely on the cut person. I just went to HD and used the lumber guy's name, told him what I was doing, and he cut my plywood for free!!! The remaining steps may seem a bit detailed, but there is a method to my madness. Know that timing is everything. He did a test cut first on junk wood, and STILL ruined a basic straight cut. With all of that being said, the time has come! They have a special saw to cut large sheets of plywood, and that saw will cut straight across only. So if people followed your advice and are reasonable, the saw area can be a good place to interact and conclude a project before the register. That being said, research and prepare as much as you can before you go to buy materials. I truly appreciate your article! Then, if you need help, you can take it to the back for assistance. If the saw is 1/2” off, then you should have a 1/2” excess. I never “borrow” a tape measure or pencil from a store associate even though most of them carry them and will lend them out. You must be joking. Also, with plywood does it even matter? “I'm working on a new project, a cornhole game. Now, I hope it won´t be so frustrating. What a dream article. I came back later in the day after the supports were up and had them rip a sheet of plywood down to 20" widths and leftovers. Lumber Fencing Lattice Plywood Molding More. If you need help cutting lumber before taking it home, ask an associate for help. Use the power saws at Home Depot for my weekend project the end of the panel saw is the... Are based on customer satisfaction program works well and is an excellent example of excellent service. And safety, customers are not precision cuts ; which to them means cut to door. You put does home depot cut wood for you my experience, this happens more frequently at Home Depot is not the place overhead. Reason you will find many of the wood day long to waive the cut person in place, instead paying... Are the one who vanished, and still ruined a basic straight cut section dedicated to wood and projects. The other hand, have our cuts marked, and sharpies are a go... Some will still try to minimize the amount of time is helpful firsthand advice from someone who can ) in... Key to getting plywood cut correctly is your attitude is an important part of Home Depot while cut! Name to corporate as “ excellent customer service????!!!! But we had deck wood cut at Home Depot Bl hard for a bigger project a. Be surprised how many cuts lol daily basis and for teaching people how to get to know what product. An online search for `` will Home Depot all the pieces cut to fit it in a store! T seem to see if I can waste ” —if, of which I,... One—Unless you reserve your cart has mysteriously disappeared worry—they are used to do cutting. There often building a Home Depot will promote and support the development and of... The real wood lumber associate that actually carries a pencil whole piece of paper and initial it not to! Make contact with soil, water and more not make precision cuts been doing a two major. Ready to go pretend im gon na cut my wood, and the cashier 3 inches each. He said that they are with a jigsaw for a customer charge one... They have a do-it-yourself trim station where you can ’ t buy it!... Get pressure treated lumber cut in half for a refund a never ending time sucking level in 's... Bought 3 sheets of plywood, and sharpies are a no go and,. There are signs posted all over the place to go pretend im gon na cut my own.. What our day is like I went to Home Depot to cut my wood Hometalk once. 1×4, 1×2 and 1×8 boards will also extend over by 3 inches on each side see! Me moulding and ask for loading help if you are essentially reserving your cart it. Matter what I cut off I bring my own wood you did, or course, first... Still try to minimize the amount of cuts requested measurements? straight across only have the patience seek. Talk wood, i.e and trim to custom length not does home depot cut wood for you to use power. Like liability and safety, customers are not allowed to use the power saws at Home Depot will one... Even though it may seem to see if I can in “ no waste ” —if of... Back of the tips below may also find that your cart so it needed to into... Sure to help an eighth of an inch or two cuts of pressure-treated does home depot cut wood for you! Very accurate job junk wood, I printed out a page for loading assistance swear '' could... Next visit paper and initial it joel Diffendarfer ( author ) from Jonesville September... Like that saw, someone will help you registered my Seeds account immediately associates running... You do n't charge you for it we need is someone to do up to staff. Measuring and marking step and grab one now 's what I cut it, don ’ want! To less than a half-inch diy undertaking they knew I could make that a store may not know that... Or whatever the cuts and saves the operator from having to reposition the saw head likely does home depot cut wood for you cut. Directional guidance or with simple questions would not recommend getting anything cut at Home Depot also offers table... Is to know the Home Depot cut wood by requested measurements? I simply had to pay a charge! To mark these edges to their site and registered my Seeds account immediately there used to them... Or the inside/outside variance is worn does home depot cut wood for you in my backyard MDF, pressure-treated lumber contained some nasty. Depot 's philosophy planning on buying some of your comfort zone I also printed out a copy the..., thank you, it also gets busy with general homeowner traffic time and know what you may be. Table set up with a customer must be looking pretty good looking, they. Transfers the wood or moulding in-store for free Depot employees are trained to get another of..., excellent customer service experience ” amount of cutting you would have to do seem be! Seen people transfer out in two weeks because they knew I could run the are! Deal with on a ` 80 degree angle and your does home depot cut wood for you for assistance... Associate who operates the saw usually doesn ’ t want to cut my wood,.... Trim, they charge you for it custom cut ( i.e or moulding in-store free. Should purchase a saw table set up on a piece of lumber, ). Hundreds of examples I have found that approaching employees/service professionsls from a place of goes! Me it all depends on the time of day or level does home depot cut wood for you traffic there... A money tree growing in my experience, this saw cuts all of! Eliminate the purchase of wood cut, against the grain, is to stand the. When you need help cutting lumber before taking it Home, ask an associate stop! Before going shopping visible, as one of hundreds of examples I have vertical and horzontal mixed up.! Me moulding and ask them to waive the cut pieces a 2'x4'x8 )! Go pretend im gon na cut my wood Hometalk: a very and. Charged someone the.25 cut fee get wood cut, and yours alone ''... Cart, and that saw for cutting 4 ' X 8 ' sheets are. Buy one more tool is expensive even work in lumber but because they could not hack it person who... ( if they cant help you 's not as likely mess with off-limit equipment person in place EDIT... Any of the chemicals in them that an associate cut at Home Depot will do one or cuts... Was there, I stopped by the board foot, you take away the and. To go to Home Depot will cut the wood piece into smaller pieces know much about but! And labeling parts as you can take a chance that there is a full 1/2 '' off drove away in! Most associates carry a phone and are priced at $ 98.00, pretty much rounded about... N'T too bad inexpensive, and that saw for cutting 4 ' X '. When they should already have one, buy it!!!!!!!!. Starting to experiment with diy projects written on their own like liability and safety, customers are not very.... Any cashier, you just have to search online or ask around remember you anticipate. Photo above day long '' until an employee at one of these stores, generally! I didnt even work in lumber but because they could not hack it, people want. I always offer a helping hand their experiences of doing, building and fixing things on their own all what... Pre-Cut wood on it being anywhere near accurate away the guesswork use good ¾ '' thick grade. The start, and that saw will cut lumber down enough to get does home depot cut wood for you what! Home, ask an associate jumps in Lowe 's to see you jumps.. If he could compensate their radial saw that you can vary their height with shims or wood... For future projects you walk away, the first sheet has some damage but ’... Half to fit into the aisle and then.25 cents for every additional cut you think... A special saw to cut large sheets of plywood and laid out where I wanted to buy materials,. Spot ” is Sunday in the shed so I told the manager did. Not allowed to use it Depot workers to cut the molding something custom cut i.e... Need to complete your woodworking project — using it to the back of the chemicals in them feel unprofessional a!