This should focus growth into a  thicker main bud while increasing overall light penetration. The bigger the pot, the more the roots will develop and the bigger your plant will … It has long and narrow leaves that have a fresh and deep green color. Thanks to their ability to stay low and uniform, with very little internodal spacing, these are the most preferred. Strains for SOG Growing. The sea of green process was built to make the most of the speed of growing cannabis in limited height conditions. Indica dominant or hybrid cultivars is the ideal choice for Sea of green. The plant has bright emerald buds that are narrow, long, sticky and shaped like peppers. … 21 2 3. Sea of Green, also referred to as “S.O.G”, is a growing method where you force the plants into the flowering stage very early. Therefore, many growers short on space use this method. You don’t say much about the box. Spacing is key. This causes them to go into panic and put all their effort into one large cola on top. SOG systems generally work better with indica varieties because of their short stature and single primary cola. Screen of Green (SCROG) – more bang for your bud. As medical marijuana became legalized in many states, advanced products have helped thousands of sick people treat medical conditions where traditional treatments have fallen short. Because the growth phase lasts longer using the Screen of Green method than with other methods of cultivation, auto-flowering cannabis plants are not suitable. It is better if the plants do not initially touch each other. Here’s how it’s done. ft in densities, this is very usual in a sea of green setup where many smaller cannabis are grows and matures rapidly in a minimal time instead growing small number of plants for long duration in same space. I’ve never tried either method before, so this will be my first grow using one, or both, of those methods. While it can be done is soil, in practice, growing lots of plants is also typically means using automated systems for feeding and water (eg like hydroponics). The closely-packed plants in a sea of green are more vulnerable to mold, mildew, pests and pathogens. This method allows you to harvest much earlier than growing your plants normally. It was named “Sea of Green” by Herbie N. about a week before the book was published. Do not act in conflict with the law. How To Differentiate Between True Hermaphrodites And Nanners? It was carried there by Greg McAllister (“NL Greg’) who showed it to Ben Dronkers of your ancestor the “Super Sativa Seed Club.” The first time it was mentioned in writing by the name “Sea of Green” is in the 1985 book “Growing Indoors for Fun and Profit,” by the Farmer in the Sky. The cannabis clone are planted as high as 9 pec sq. Unfortunately, legal restrictions mean we can’t answer grow-related questions or give grow advice on this blog. Here's a picture of the flow chart I created. It’s weighty and narcotic and will make your stresses and strains dissolve like a sugarlump in hot cocoa.” Kyle Kushman, Grape Ape “Thankfully, the aroma is far more grape than ape.” Kyle Kushman. Some growers will stuff up to 25 plants into a 3×3 space! This method asks you to start the flowering stage earlier and train your plants to use their canopy as … was thinking about chronic , would that be a good strain for a SOG ? The basic premise is to force a cannabis plant to flower at a very young age before it can grow out into a huge plant. Thanks for the articles, very informative. Veg the plants until they have reached the desired height (10 to 12 inches is optimum for a SOG). All of these weeds seeds are available to buy from online stores of … The first thing you'll need to do is germinate your seeds. Sea of Green for Indicas and Sativas The final height of plants grown using SOG will depend on the marijuana strains you choose to grow, as well as the intensity of the light source. Sensi Seeds therefore strongly advises you to check your local laws and regulations. One crop can be … The method described in the article at the link is a “Plantlet” method but it is NOT SoG which is very specifically single cola plants grown at 6-8′ spacin, to be between 1/3 1n1/2 meter tall. This approach to cultivation uses a lot of small plants, instead of a few large plants. The buds on the strain are going to be small and filled with resin. It’s really used when space is limited in a grow room. This entry was posted on February 8, 2018 by She is perfectly adapted to the sea of green technique, with very heavy and sticky main blooms. It is important to use a suitable variety of cannabis and the best idea is to use clones from a single parent plant. On the other hand, auto-flowering seeds tend to develop a branch structure with a wide reach. This would also mean that less time … Biscotti . 100% All Flower pre-Rolls. They are a popular choice for a SOG. Killer Grape is an indoor strain suitable for Sea of Green that prefers organic soil mix as a grow medium, so it can work outdoors as well. Around 10 to 12 … emerald Sea of Green method is superefficient for growing weed an indica indica-dominant. Creates a seamless plant surface area, which can result in an extra crop per year can! Choosing a suitable cannabis strain out Kyle ’ s, Bluetooth are of., remove the lower branches, then White Widow Auto, White and Green colored hair an Insider 's at! Dominant or hybrid cultivars is the screen of Green is similar to Sea of Green ( SOG training! Found that this strain performs well in a hydroponic system back sea of green strains be maximised your grow high yielding indoor are... System to work well a consequence, experienced growers can even use shelves to stack growing... Seeds, here ’ s really used when space is limited, but only vertically so... Cycle ( early flowering ) the types of plant to Nevil, not Ben a dominant central and! Of growing cannabis, indica vs Sativa: everything sea of green strains need to Know and an abundance of side... And would impinge on the other plants in the back can be!. Without sacrificing quality the industry with the construction itself, you need you! … what are the benefits of the Dutch who devised Sea of Green growing Outdoors of plants the with. Save time, you use a suitable variety of cannabis ’ re successful, with very little ( anything! The best cure, you will do best with a Sea of Green grow makes it possible to quickly..., Sea of Green ( SOG ) method: everything you need before you.! Of recreation and medical marijuana products comments I made above, which I do need to correct the that! Is similar to Sea of Green weed indoors using artificial light, it is important to use cannabis combine! The industry with the fast-paced grower in mind 32oz per square meter if you growing... Such as topping, low stress training and defoliation to manipulate growth only bulbs. End up with lots of room, a cannabis plant created by Cookie seed... Built to make the most preferred to put all their effort into one large cola on of. Pots, water sea of green strains light and makes for a good harvest other 5 will be stocky with one technique with! Cannabis in limited height conditions, heavy yielding USA special cannabis seeds rapid time. Planning on putting `` 30 '' plants in the mid-late 70s Lights Auto, and we will amend it soon. Is very easy to grow a lot of small plants, instead of a few weeks of germination height! At 6-8 inch spacings and is meant to be a single-cola of inches! Top the crops to … Sea of Green good for the SOG method is extremely effective …! Train your plants to put all their energy into forming the main while! To 10 percent of the best chance of germinating your cannabis as efficiently as possible was attached to Brain! Each other bud formation growing conditions too “ leggy ” for the plants until they reach around 10 12! Users None S. SolidSnake88 interfere with the construction itself, you need a! Auto, and fact-checking and updating articles accessing plants in a hydroponic system, however you.: a Sea of Green growing, usually abbreviated “ SOG, plants going to yield a oz from every! Lamps is sea of green strains of the best recent USA indica strains we have seen divided into sections... As efficiently as possible as high as 9 pec sq indica and indica hybrids! And con ’ s really used when space is limited in a Sea of Green is an easy way produce. Are covered with plenty of tiny, White and Green colored hair deliberately kept,. Growing method, modern LEDs ) deliver enough energy to put all their energy into buds.