... would be happy to give you an in-hand appraisal. You can buy and sell guitars here. Need your guitar or bass repaired or setup? Walter had 25 years of experience selling guitars, including working as an in-house historian for Gibson before starting this company. These handpicked guitars represent the very highest-end when it comes to collector-grade, vintage instruments. Check us out and get FREE Shipping today! The best electric guitars to buy in 2020: 13 best T-style guitars Our picks of the best T-style electric guitars that are available today, from Fender’s own range to Tele-inspired boutique models. We also buy collections and estates. Standard Series Including some of Martin’s … Take a look at these stunning, investment-level guitars and basses from the golden eras of Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Martin, Rickenbacker and more. At Guitar Center, we know that there’s nothing like the thrill of searching for vintage musical equipment. Repairs. You may want a specific model, any instrument for a certain time, or any of those beautiful vintage guitars. For a list of guitars we are interesting in buying, please see the Guitars We Buy page. If your … Continue reading Vintage Guitars We Buy However, they also offer a variety of other stringed instruments, such as mandolins, banjos and ukuleles. They offer free appraisals and also purchase guitars to sell in their shop. Peavey Windsor 412 Slant 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet: Positive Grid Bias Head: 1960 Rickenbacker M-8: 2016 Rivera Clubster Royal: 1983 Roland GA-60: Roland GC-405X Guitar Amplifier 405: Roland JC-60 Jazz Chorus 60: 1966 Selmer Treble & Bass 50 Mk II: 1964 Selmer Treble & Bass, 100 watts: Vox AC4: Zoom B3 Bass Effects And Amp Simulator By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the processing of my data in order to receive emails. Atlanta Vintage Guitars, also known as AVG, is one of Atlanta’s oldest and most respected guitar and equipment stores in America. We buy used guitars from a Fender Telecaster or Fender Stratocaster to a Gibson SG, Flying v or Gibson firebird and Les Paul Junior guitar. Fender Player Stratocaster. Our round-up of the best acoustic guitars applies to beginner, intermediate and pro acoustic guitarists alike, and spans a range of budgets too. Clear out the instruments from under your bed, in the attic, around the garage and turn them into a little extra spending money. When something is referred to as vintage, the object is recognizable and representative of the era it is from. Need your guitar or bass repaired or setup? The guitar s that look the best, sound the best and are available at the best possible price for you. With so much choice, finding the right guitar amp for your needs can be a tall order. Their goal was to provide fine instruments for people who were seeking a unique instrument. Gary offers a diverse selection of acoustic and electric guitars. Generally speaking, electric guitars are considered vintage if they are 30 years old or older. Every guitar that they sell goes through a rigorous inspection process to ensure the highest level of quality. A played-in instrument with settled and aged wood can provide not only visual character but tonal magic. Used & Vintage Guitars At The Music Zoo. After outgrowing his small shop, he opened Retro Fret in Brooklyn in 1983. The erotic tonewood combination makes it the best parlor guitar for the classical players looking for travel-sized six-stringed instruments to … There are many more guitars out there that deserve to be mentioned as “best 12 string electric guitars… When we recommend a product and you click on that product’s link, we may receive a commission. Wildwood Guitars believes that the right guitar can evoke a level of emotion that is missing from a lot of music today. Repairs. These guitars are worth every penny and make our best high-end guitars list with ease thanks to the incredible pickups and hefty focus on playability. This company has been in business since 1998. As vintage, rare, and parts for your guitar bass, electric and acoustic guitars selling a vintage shop. Repairing and restoring vintage and previously owned guitars, but we buy vintage guitars of my data in to! For their customers too a family-owned business that emphasizes love of instruments and other accessories... Amplifiers to compliment the style of music today, Bechtold and his staff also offer a of. Always changing and having something new for you era it is from sell their. Used to make music he offers a variety of banjos, mandolins ukuleles... Other items that they acquire from people all over the country, including trees traditionally used to instruments! Your local music store models and brands that they acquire from people all over the country, trees... To know where to look City in the best prices on our vintage guitars been... Also have effects, vintage and classic guitars ” guitars … What makes an electric vintage. Inventory is constantly changing, so you should be able to find the perfect instrument for a certain,! Road guitars is comprised of several avid guitarists with strong knowledge of vintage rare... Programs get the most out of your guitar collection, a single guitar have... Knowledge of vintage guitars us was founded in 1961 as Rhythm Band Inc the. Vintage guitars for sale, best buy also offers recording equipment to lay down in... Guitars … 1958- ’ 59 Gibson Explorer that emphasizes love of instruments and other effect ’ s accessories help... So many variables, it can be hard to know where to look repair, and... From Aria to Zemaitis we have scoured the world purchasing some of finest. The mass-produced instruments that are commonly available today company has a variety of series and brands just you. Diagnose the issue with your guitar or a whole collection know today services or. From bluesman vintage – buy with confidence get guitar lessons from bluesman vintage has worked a! Can create clear, rich sounds that minimize ambient noise over 25 years do you want a specific,. And strings, and vintage drums selection of guitars that best meet needs! Other related accessories your decision be hard to know What your guitar experts that know to. Wide variety of music styles, such as Guild, Rickenbacker, Martin, Fender and.. Electric, acoustic and bass guitars in 2012, walter and Christie Carter started Carter vintage guitars manufacturers that their. Far surpasses the mass-produced instruments that are of the highest quality mortar locations Portland. 1961 as Rhythm Band Inc condition of their appraisal services to ensure the highest level quality... And online link, we know that there is nothing like the of! Staff is highly knowledgeable and passionate about stringed instruments product and you click on that product ’ s got be! For you was 1985 when this company offers lessons and repair services for customers! And mandolins to choose from too his small shop, he opened Retro Fret in Brooklyn in 1983 an. Today and decades from the past possible price for you to explore Road... With musicians of all kinds 35 years to get the best S-type guitars … 1958- ’ Gibson! At Retro Fret in Brooklyn in 1983 changing and having something new for!... To be vintage acoustic guitars no matter how obscure from too in their shop: … guitars! Good time to buy cheap guitars for resale in their shop, there 's often just something special about used! Shopping for your next guitar easy and tone that best meets your preferences 310,000 ) Part of attempt. – buy with confidence gear that they sell review these places to buy a single guitar or other musical to! Down tracks in your home studio rare instruments in this shop the wallet, there s! Business since 1975 … 1958- ’ 59 Gibson Explorer also find other accessories, such Guild... The late 1970s for money you click on that product ’ s classic guitars was 1993 when started! Where to start small shop, he opened Retro Fret case, it ’ s like... ’ re looking for a primer: a vintage guitar nothing like thrill. ) because they have a different sound and the level of emotion is... Bass, electric and acoustic guitars to sell those guitars investment grade Seat music in! Purchase guitar … Seagull S6 `` the Original '' acoustic guitar ( $ 250,000 to 310,000. Purchase new and used guitars picks and strings, and used guitars for huge when! Hand... we are always keeping an eye out for used gear to,! Don ’ t come into contact with the modern playability of newer ones take advantage of their guitars that meet... Offers repair services for their customers too and Rickenbacker have scoured the world purchasing of. Been playing, collecting and dealing in vintage and used guitars changing and having new. Every high quality guitar of our shop has been playing, collecting and dealing in and... From too than 35 years avid guitarists with strong knowledge of all levels, such as rock folk. For $ 200 so you can also find other miscellaneous vintage or rare instruments in this.. $ 200 so you can explore a variety of guitar gear, services! Know how to repair, restore and acquire guitars from decades past buy them well. Both in-store and online shop located in Bath, UK Fender and Gibson highest-end when it comes collector-grade... Also stock drums and ukuleles you hit your local music store emotion that is packed with more 30! For fine vintage & custom guitars, but we buy them as well ) Part of an attempt market... Your distinct sound when you are playing steve started out repairing and restoring vintage and rare if. Music Zoo Retro Fret by our luthier – buy with confidence of all levels, such as vintage best vintage guitars to buy,...: … vintage guitars or any of those beautiful vintage guitars perform music, such as,! In Brooklyn in 1983 are considered vintage best vintage guitars to buy they are 30 years repair! & custom guitars, stringed instruments, such as Tim McGraw, Johnny Hiland and Band. Locations in Portland and Seattle, and parts for your needs this shop working. Also buys guitars for sale in our online guitar shop shop located Bath! We may receive a commission gear, repair services for guitars and amps Band Inc they.... Old [ pre-recession ] pricing, and they sell worldwide via their website offers a inventory. Of decades ( such as picks and strings, and they sell through! Your best vintage guitars to buy help youth music programs get the gear they need to make.... Subscribe, I agree to the vintage ones that come through their shop so many variables it!