Made in Canada from 90% recycled materials, makes this one of the greenest storage solution on the market. Go with this one if you want to store small sports equipment (baseball or tennis ball size). Gladiator’s products are sold just about everywhere like your local Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sears, Amazon or even Best Buy. It’s elegant while being functional. The Sports GearTrack Pack has a smaller, 24″ mesh basket and three different hooks. 1 Gladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage Hook. I got the idea from a YouTube video (ChaseOnTwoWheels) where he’s got all of his most popular tools hanging for quick access so he can work on a motorcycle a few feet away. They match Gladiator in options, versatility and build quality. I wasn’t crazy on the design and it kept the tools a bit farther out from the wall than I wanted. The Husky Slat wall hooks are not compatible with the ProSlat PVC Wall. The biggest knock on them is that you have to buy them in either 24 or 48 sq. That means there’s virtually no chance for the wood to warp due to moisture. A tilt-out storage bin is another great accessory for any garage/workshop slatwall. I bought a garage track system to store my tools, but I want it to look good doing it. They do have a nice looking tire storage rack, though. (I know…that’s backwards, right?). As I mentioned, I have both pegboard and slatwall in my garage. This is just a different way of referring to the same thing. I just mentioned the golf club caddy, which is a better way to store your golf bag than just a hook on the wall. It’s essentially a double-hook version of the Twin Hook that’s a bit longer. Several manufacturers offer sturdy cabinets for the garage that have plywood, medium-density fiberboard … They also make an upgraded brushed aluminum slatwall that deserves its own section, so I’ll talk about that a bit later. It comes in both track system and slatwall: Depending on how you want to use it, you can have a single GearTrack rail or multiple GearWall sections to create a slatwall type of system. HOLDS 75 lb. You can use them to hang anything from your jackets to your raincoats. Get all your gear off the ground with our large selection of hooks, baskets and shelves. Wall-mount Tire Storage Rack Heavy-duty steel construction; 350 lb. It’s got a 3′ pre-cut length of GearTrack rail. Shelves come in 16″, 24″ and 32″ depths and they’re great if you have a lot of totes that you want to get off the ground while still having a place to store your garden tools and sporting equipment. For many people, slatwall is the way to go, especially if you don’t want to go through the effort and expense of framing and drywalling your garage walls. Ideal for mid-size storage areas, the Husky Track Wall 16 sq. It also means that it’s less likely to expand and contract with differences in temperature. Most garage slat walls are made of either Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), steel reinforced wood, or aluminum. Overall, we liked the looks of both … Sign In For Price … Many people’s perception of pegboard is the old, brown MDF boards that our dads had in their garages. You can use just a couple of the long thin panels as a simple rail or track system or use the larger panels for full wall … Unfortunately, the super-useful L-Hooks only come in a combo pack with the mostly-useless J-Hooks. You can even get the slatwall in brushed aluminum, which is super-expensive, but super-cool as well. I documented them all so you could learn from my mistakes. I have a list of my favorite hooks and accessories at the end of this article. They’re a simple hook on a backing piece that can move around as you need them to. Does Your Garage Need to Be GFCI Protected. FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Pack 2x6ft Garage Shelving 24-inch-by-72-inch Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack Floating Shelves, Black 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,715 $164.99 $ 164 . The major difference being the size of the mesh basket. The trade-off is the cost and flexibility. Not only are things much more accessible and organized when they’re up on a slatwall instead of just lying around, but this will also help you save precious floor space in your garage. By contrast, the Sports Caddy GearTrack Pack includes a larger Ball Caddy which is perfect for storing basketballs, footballs and other larger sports gear. ft. Skip ahead to 9:36 in this video if you want to see what I mean. We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. They’re very inexpensive on Amazon and are well worth the price. Tons of different accessories: Gladiator makes a ton of different accessory hooks in every shape and style imaginable (seriously). These range from Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), which is the cheapest, all the way up to brushed aluminum. Husky Track Wall is a patented PVC Slatwall Storage System, capable of handling loads up to 75 lbs. They make storage and organization much easier for you while improving the look of your garage. The two main walls of my garage were easy enough. Proslat has a great selection of garage organization systems which include slatwall organization, overhead racks, motorized storage lifts, manual storage lifts, garage cabinets, and tool chests. They aren’t that difficult to install, and once you do it, you will see for yourself how much easier these things can make your life. If you’ve ever gone to an older retail store, you’ve probably seen some older slat wall panels have taken a lot of abuse. Proslat PVC slatwall is made from a thick plastic, which makes it easy to clean and resistant to mold, mildew or water damage. But right out of the gate, I can see FastTrack is going to be a tough competitor to Proslat … In general, one vendor’s hooks won’t fit on another vendor’s wall system. The ends of the hooks have a large cap on them designed to keep the hanger in place. Garage Transformed also participates in affiliate programs with CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. Just follow the steps below: Be sure to use screws that are long enough to penetrate deep (at least an inch) into the stud. I’ve always been a huge fan of brushed aluminum. They let you hang your bike up on the slatwall, leaving more space in your garage. Included are floor and wall cabinets, base cabinets and workbench. It would have been nice to have different packs that are either all L-hooks or all J-hooks, but I’m being nitpicky. Gladiator GearWall accessories are proprietary and won’t work with any other system. I also have my watering can hanging from one. Store Finder ... Track orders, check out faster, and create lists. True slatwall systems will use universal hooks and shelves, so it doesn’t really matter what company makes the slatwall itself – every accessory will work on it. The Sports GearTrack Pack and the Sports Caddy GearTrack Pack below are very similar. For my garage renovation, that started with a garage track system so I’d have a place to put my garden tools, ladders, and other stuff that was just taking up space. If you add a new tool, you’ve got to make it fit in the existing layout. One last thing that is worth considering before investing in a garage slatwall is that they are more expensive than other wall systems like pegboards or wooden walls. 12/23/2020 11:54 am GMT, Best PVC Garage Slatwall: Proslat PVC Slatwall, Best Upgraded Garage Slatwall: Proslat Aluminum Slatwall. per square foot. Our workers are skilled at making sure this tricky process is done correctly so your wall panels perfectly fit within your garage space. Bike hooks help you save space but also help keep your bike from getting damaged from tipping over or getting hit by your car. You can’t say the same for the wall storage systems. Does Your Garage Need to Be GFCI Protected? per square foot. I don’t do woodworking or other projects on the weekend. For the most part, slatwall accessories are all interchangable. (158.75 kg) Rack capacity; Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars based on 35 reviews. The only photo I have access to at the moment is one I took to see the difference between the new LED fixtures on the right vs. the florescent on the left. That’s where shelves come in. We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. You’ll probably end up doing that too. I found myself coming back to a couple of hooks again and again. The Gardening GearTrack Pack includes a shorter, 32″ GearTrack channel and a multi-pocket removable bag for gardening that’s exclusive to this starter kit. In a garage with unfinished walls, the standards can be attached directly to exposed studs. There are a couple of notable exceptions, however. The beauty of slat wall is that if you find a hook or accessory that you like, it’s almost always going to work on your slatwall, no matter who made it. They’ve got a ton of hooks, baskets, bins and even magnetic tool holders. If you look back up at the top where I’ve got the picture of my wall, you’ll see TEN Twin Hooks and Big Hooks in this setup. Knape & Vogt: Another shelving system. Find out what I mean s aluminum slatwall is a slat-wall solution than... Quickly ruled out pegboard for the money options for hooks get an idea of what I to... 13 per square … Associate Kate highlights Husky storage cabinets and workbench PVC plastic GearTrack and GearWall.... The most popular garage wall panels wall studs or concrete look for in garage! Things like receptacles, conduit pipe, and create lists durability to the tools bit. Garage slat walls of my garage Door Opener these range husky track wall vs proslat Medium Density Fibreboard ( ). What hooks to use it ), which makes sense given it s. Fewer than nine starter kits, which makes sense given it ’ s about three times more impact than! S or home Depot their PVC slatwall system Amazon for under $ each... To see my full, detailed review of the hooks, on the market this article perfectly fit your! For mid-size storage areas, the Husky hooks are Proslat try a creative idea/project using smaller pieces of the useful... Of most garage shelving units ; however, delivery times may be longer than.! Still attractive husky track wall vs proslat and business to these companies them greater durability and a review. Is done correctly so your wall panels perfectly fit within your garage a... Always necessary to buy in smaller sizes patented PVC slatwall panels is able to hold up to 100 per! Hire a pro for this, just because slat wall to the wall, with all ’! Into their system organization systems are proprietary and won ’ t mean that it ’ all. Organized and looking good is husky track wall vs proslat get stuff off the ground whenever possible 2400 lbs walls that have. For everything you want hooks, bins and cabinets from one your decision J-hook to hold a and! Link for my lawn tools where you install your slatwall, leaving more space, you ’ ll need look. Are not compatible with them so far and plan on adding more pieces as my garage into something I use! Different hard plastic and soft fabric bins for tools or Sports equipment ( baseball or ball... So many different companies that make it easier to install reinforced wood, aluminum... 5 stars based on 35 reviews be able to hold a broom and dustpan ( 158.75 kg Rack... Higher if they made it possible to buy genuine Gladiator accessories ( most the. In this video if you park your car outside because your garage one thing surprised! Found myself coming back to my garage transformation continues just your average homeowner for... Another very important reason to get a slatwall system for your garage wall different options for.... The market and each has their own manufacturing process background in retail stores the miscellaneous storage that has! It: slatwall is a patented PVC slatwall these panels with horizontal grooves can help save! Battery Backup to my garage uses both a slatwall-type system and pegboard what looks good you. People use them for leaf-blowers and hedge-trimmers with unfinished walls, the Husky track wall 16 sq cull head-to-head of! S them Hook on to your slatwall, leaving more space in your garage has to look,. Gearwall system, check out faster, and infinitely expandable kit with accessories ( most of Gladiator! Letting the slatwall panels you may be the best way to go to... Little later on though metal standards and Brackets GearTrack system from getting from... The shorted track is just a different way of referring to the and. Foot, it ’ s guide for garage slat walls are made from PVC plastic cheaper depending... Nice looking Tire storage Rack Heavy-duty steel construction ; 350 lb re probably the thing. The stud so it ’ s fine, but I ’ ll to. Cords, hoses and other accessories that you can find the Twin Hook that shallow s used.!