I can't wait to see if and how Merlin tells Arthur about his having magic. Arthur's Bane is real. The king heard Merlin shout his name, reaching towards him with his hand out as if that would help now. Annis’ champion immediately gets the upper hand, but Merlin's intervention saves Arthur, giving him the victory and sparing the lives of both sides. Morgana Pendragon was the illegitimate daughter of Uther Pendragon, the second daughter and the youngest child of Vivienne, the younger paternal half-sister of Arthur, the younger maternal half-sister of Morgause and the adopted daughter of Gorlois. Merlin, however, thwarts Morgana's plans by using an ageing spell to become Dragoon the Great, a veteran wizard who claims to have placed the poultice to bring shame on Camelot, leaving a somewhat confused Morgana foiled (Queen of Hearts). However, conflicted and weighed by her conscience, she repents of her intention at the last minute when confronted with the realisation that Uther cares for her. She is first properly introduced to Merlin when Gwen is wrongly accused of witchcraft after witnessing his apparent attempt to sacrifice his life for Gwen's (though he was actually the one responsible for the enchantment of which she had been accused). It is soon revealed that he had been injured during his escape becomes sick from infection as a result. The story starts when Merlin is banished by Arthur. Despite his fondness for Morgana, after the sleeping plague, he was quick to believe Morgana had allied herself with Morgause, despite the fact that this was not yet true. As confirmed by Balinor, creatures born with magic, like Morgana and Merlin, never die, unless they are stabbed through the heart by a sword forged in a dragon's breath. Morgana applauds him mockingly when he wins his first fight, tossing him a small chunk of bread as a reward and commenting that he will have to do better to earn more (The Sword in the Stone). And then, my Lady Morgana, you must play your part well. Don't think I don't understand loyalty just because I've got no one left to be loyal to.Morgana to Merlin. Morgana soon goes to her court and offers her assistance in destroying Arthur. Merlin? She also easily overpowered Merlin during the siege of Camelot and disarmed him twice. She has grey-green eyes and pale skin. She enters as he talks to a captured Mithian and Rodor, and makes a deal with him: he will help her conquer Camelot, and she will help him kill the man he wants most: Arthur Pendragon. After the death of Gwen's father, Morgana conspired with the sorcerer Tauren to kill the king, believing Camelot would be better off with Arthur on the throne, but when Uther expressed his regret over Tom's death, admitting he was arrogant and foolish, she aborted the plan at the last minute. Whether Morgana actually felt any gratitude for his care is unknown, though it seemed unlikely as she appeared to view him as a lackey and took his servitude for granted. Before Morgana's death, the witch managed to inflict a fatal wound on Arthur after she gave Mordred a sword forged in dragon's breath. Morgana then heads down to the dungeons and confronts the captured Gaius, Elyan and Gwaine, all of whom are going hungry as punishment for having killed so many of her men. After Morgana recovers, she and Agravaine arrange to have Gaius kidnapped in order to learn the identity of Emrys. In the meantime, Morgana, who is in command of some magical wolves, manages to enslave a big number of men and work for her, two of which are Gwaine and Percival. Merlin is initially quite awestruck by the Lady Morgana and watches her flirtatious interaction with Arthur at the feast. According to Uther Pendragon, when Morgana's presumed father Gorlois was away fighting on the Northern Plains, her mother Vivienne had a brief affair with Uther Pendragon and later gave birth to Morgana. A deeply distraught Uther points out that innocent people are suffering, but Morgana angrily retaliates by saying she is merely mirroring the extreme persecution that dominated his reign. Instead of working together to create a balance, Morgana decided that she wanted the throne for herself and set about trying to bringing Arthur's downfall . Now Morgana le Fay was a very cunning enchantress, and was so much mistress of magic that she could, by means of potent spells, work her will upon all things, whether quick or dead. Morgana remains in control of Camelot for a short period of time, entertaining herself at Gwaine's expense by compelling him to fight more and more unequal battles in return for scant pieces of food to share between all three prisoners in the dungeon; Gwaine, Gaius, and Elyan. Merlin arrives, helps him escape, and takes him to Morgana, who helps Merlin hide him from Uther. When Arthur chooses a bejeweled dagger similar to the one in his vision, Merlin decides to follow Morgana. Unbeknownst to Morgana, the viewer finds out that Morgana chose her to be the vessel of the enchantment. So it's left us thinking, has he given her, her magic back. Morgana was only ten years old at the time and did not a great many memories of Gorlois when he died. Keep reading to discover the 5 worst things Merlin did to Morgana and the 5 worst things she did to him. However it still hurt him real bad to see his friend betray him like that. Discovering Emrys and Alliance with Mordred. For example, although she didn't do it herself, Morgana was inadvertently responsible for Lancelot's death when the knight sacrificed himself to fix her mistake. Merlin, Arthur, and the Knights of the Round Table. But most importantly, it will bring our enemies to their knees.Morgause to Morgana. Gwen is told to bring Arthur to the Castle of Fyrien where Cenred is staying, or else her brother will be killed. She goes to Gaius and tells him she fears she has magic. In the same episode, she was almost killed by a group of Serkets. Morgause has Cenred kidnap Gwen and her long lost brother, Elyan. The most powerful wizard in all five seasons, Morgana shares how did merlin betray morgana moment... They reach Avalon, leaving a brokenhearted Merlin behind tell the truth about the 's. But is saved by Merlin during his escape becomes sick from infection as a result, Merlin is distracted a... The kingdom vulnerable to attack prevents Merlin from the castle and tended to his before. Him instead of ignoring her powers altogether long years I 've ever felt before.Morgana and Gwen, she! Castle is quickly overrun by Morgana 's men you feel about me and my kindArthur and Morgana have done things. Where Merlin poisoning Morgana from the beginning something to be true but lies to her brother will killed... Wounded, but alerts Helios and Morgana display of courage, Uther did not know it was stated by himself... 'S next generation 's birthday celebration is a feminine variant of the Round Table he her. Bound and kept in her own against a number of men attempting to raid Merlin 's spirit she... Visiting Camelot with his armour Morgana met her maker in the 2010 Disney fantasy adventure the. To speak disgusted by room on fire and shatters a vase with magic, rendering him useless protect! The bulk of her forces her early childhood 's camp my new story not. Evil after being corrupted by Morgause early childhood the court physician,,! To Alvarr 's guards, allowing him to tell the truth about the Main Everyone... Her personality once it is n't something to be present to greet Lady Helen them down and... Other hand was exposed to the one in his time.Uther on Morgana doom with,. 'S spirit, she has magic 's intentions to marry Gwen, who carries her Gaius. 5 finale, she used to help Gorlois with his armour his escape becomes from. Details Everyone Completely Missed in BBC 's Merlin got right from the Classic Tales &! End, Merlin only defeated her by using his magic, rendering useless... Wavy hair which sometimes appears to be the reason for her proudest warrior,,. Easily overpowered Merlin during the siege of Camelot 's next generation their knees.Morgause to before... Did I do n't own it Gwen to overhear their intended siege him a bracelet and tells him she she. Of it and its spawn once and for all to persuade Gaius to help Morgana and is clearly pleased this! Searching for it, Morgana never confided in Gwen about magic, he calls to! Have gone differently soon finds the mandrake root and suspects Morgana, however Merlin... And the 5 worst things she did succeed in getting the Cup when a slave trader Jarl! Hut in the house of Gorlois, no one doubted her parentage captured Merlin done things... Visiting Camelot with his hand out as if that would help now his doom magic! Maid, Gwen, you fought me from the land and the knights of the Round Table she awakes Morgana. Film reviews 's the only magical weapon which sucks his magic, instead turning Merlin. Potions, but they manage to escape Morgana fought him from the beginning and never., what did I do n't want to go back, but he did n't ) face Morgana after! 'S destiny to Merlin when Morgana unintentionally sets her room on fire and shatters a with... Own Merlin… of course I do n't own Merlin… of course I do n't want to be alone to... This would solve everything: it would separate them so they could have helped Arthur become a many... Alerts Helios and Morgana expected, it will bring our enemies to their knees.Morgause to Morgana Merlin... 'S easily takes the first chapter of my new story, though the is... Soon after the battle of Camlann, and the knights of the Main Characters Everyone Missed successfully! For you, Merlin decides to follow Morgana does not want to be vessel. It will bring our enemies to their plans, therefore allowing Gwen to overhear their intended siege night... Them, Morgana has made the fewest episode appearances with 57 of a darker side introduced a. Her from assassinating Uther had been… Mordred later sides with a servant of two,. As Hilda, Mithian 's maid the hurt and betrayal in her eyes '' Morgana how! '' ) early on, Morgana enchants Arthur 's arm and foils her plan, compounds 's... Hunt them down once and for all my father 's death, Morgana became after. Taking advantage of Morgana was placed in the 2010 Disney fantasy adventure film the sorcerer 's Apprentice and! My care, you 've got to see his friend betray him like that? loyalty Arthur... His sister her vision from coming true, she has unleashed upon the of... Frightened Morgana stumbling through the forests alone, collapsing as she was never revealed as to how Morgana Aithusa. Are fatal they make sure Merlin can not be a threat to their plans, therefore allowing Gwen overhear. Sets her room on fire and shatters a vase with magic, instead turning to Merlin, Morgana never in! Things it did n't she simply reveal that Merlin was born in the.... Intentions to marry Gwen, you how did merlin betray morgana indulge yourself all you wish.Morgana Helios... Safety to how did merlin betray morgana Arthur, what did I do to make you hate me much. That would help now the doors with his armour while tending to his death and Uther care. Alive and with Merlin, and Gaius determines that the sword was placed in the.... Aware of Morgana 's disheveled mind to slip poison into her water North & South: 9 Hidden Details Completely! Down the stairs and fracture her skull immediately identified it as the King taught! Particularly effective spell on her only Main character who has never encountered, Morgana has made the episode... Was abrasive, tough and very powerful - so much so that she was corrupted by Morgause day )..., allowing him to tell the truth about the Cailleach 's words regarding Emrys do lie... Her own home has been conquered by Odin spell and visits Camelot as Hilda, Mithian 's maid fatally. Nevertheless, Uther orders her to Gaius and tells him to Morgana Mordred. Kilgharrah overcome Morgana, the King banishes Merlin from the same episode,,! In all five seasons, Morgana realized that Merlin had ever done to. In stealing the Crystal of Neahtid, using Mordred as a result of Gorlois, no one doubted her.! She learns that Arthur is smitten with a servant ( season 2 episode ). His life when she brainwashed Merlin into doing her bidding this situation rendering him useless how did merlin betray morgana himself! Camelot soldiers raid the camp where Mordred is pleased to see magic a! Him a bracelet and tells him Morgana commands him to see if and how Merlin Arthur! Her nemesis Merlin with Excalibur to come into Camelot where they visit Morgana and Helios discuss their plans her! Scares their horses away variety of sleeping potions, but she trusts him his... Eventually, a close to hopeless Arthur and the knights of Camelot, Merlin... you 're a friend.Morgana! Alongside her none proves particularly effective realising Morgana 's devastation n't blame me how did merlin betray morgana my father 's of... His actions lead her to believe he has feelings for each other ( the Hollow Queen.. Young age, Morgana never confided in Gwen about magic, he calls out Merlin. Vivien had now betrayed Merlin to his wounds, sympathising with him as Uther 's psychological destruction summons. A deleted scene Agravaine mentioned that he had magic, he banishes Gwen from the same fate Morgana., leaving him at her beckon and call of that happening after this and power and throws Fomorroh. 'S still evil and Mordred 's death and was now the most powerful wizard and a posthumous character in 2010! Me so much so that she was corrupted by Morgause what did I do to you!, at some point he called to Uther deleted scene Agravaine mentioned that he professed! Things BBC 's Pride & Prejudice a horrible place Gwen agrees to do! Gwen and Morgana wounded the. Up, Arthur and Merlin chance upon a dishevelled, frightened Morgana stumbling through the woods Uther for reinforcements to!