The kit does not include glass bottles to store your ready to drink kombucha. Gt's Synergy Gingerberry Enlightened Kombucha, 16 fl oz Get in-store pricing, sales and product info – plus filters for dietary preferences. You also have an opportunity to experiment with, do you want to create many different flavors, are you planning to reuse jars and bottles for other ferments. Demand for kombucha increased dramatically since 2015 which contributed to increased supply of kombucha and greater product range not just in health stores but across all supermarkets and smaller food stores. The Kombucha Shop isn’t lying when it says this is a deluxe set. Return to I am inspired by this pair of brothers who are building a zero-waste brewing/farming/energy/somanythings facility in my hometown of Chicago called The Plant. Before we review different fermentation kits let’s give you a quick glance of what is kombucha and the benefits of kombucha. Manufacturer states that the kit includes custom kombucha tea blend which is specifically formulated to keep the culture happy and nourished. WholeFoods Magazine is your one-stop resource for health and nutrition articles. This is a high-end kombucha brewing kit designed for families and kombucha enthusiasts who want a constant supply of kombucha. With this kitchen gadget, you get organic and top-quality SCOBY and the starter liquid all while providing a complete and refined look once brewing and fermentation is complete. Its flavor depends on type of tea used and the brewing process. easy and simple to follow instructions  including flavoring guide, lab which is fully licensed with FDA and the Florida Department of Agriculture, specialty culture and equipment included can be reused for many other batches, This is a perfect kit to make your first batch of fizzy and delicious kombucha. do you just want to get started with a simple and cheap equipment then upgrade if you start to enjoy the taste of the fermented food. This product guide was written by Jordan Carter, The Kombucha Shop Deluxe Kombucha Starter Kit, Standing Stone Farms Kombucha Starter Kit, Fermentaholics The Complete Jun Kombucha Starter Kit, I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list, 2The Kombucha Shop Deluxe Kombucha Starter Kit, 4Northern Brewer Everbru Kombucha Starter Kit, 7Standing Stone Farms Kombucha Starter Kit, 8Fermentaholics The Complete Jun Kombucha Starter Kit, The Joshua Tree Kombucha SCOBY with Starter Tea Kit, Northern Brewer Everbru Continuous Brewing Starter Kit, Standing Stone Farms Kombucha Tea Home Brew Starter Kit, The Rise in Popularity of High Grade Home Brewing in the USA, Something to hold the cover in place (rubber band), 2 tea bags (or 1½ teaspoons of loose tea), ½ cup of distilled vinegar or starter tea (whichever you have), 1 cup of distilled vinegar or starter tea (whichever you have), 2 cups of distilled vinegar or starter tea (whichever you have). Our Preferred Kombucha Fermentation Kit (Editor’s Choice), We have reviewed five different kombucha starter kits. With a kit as complete as this, we can even forgive the price. For the price, it’s a perfectly acceptable first kit for those just getting into the game, and will give them the confidence to graduate to larger sets. It is important to note that kombucha is not classified as a medicine, however, many people around the world claim that kombucha is a natural probiotic which contributes to their gut and digestive health. The Complete Kombucha Brewing Starter Kit by Fermentaholics. Live in the LA Area? Bonus info: These folks have “beer bikes” you can rent with kegs of Invisible Alchemy Kombucha for your next party. Our aim is to help you make the best decision based on your needs taking into consideration the quality and cost of the product.