Of course, since she is the only resident in GS, she has lots of work. She later comes to see him and apologises as she has been misjudging him up until now. Write Review. He replies that the new chief of CS has declined it and reveals that Jun-Wan has accepted the position. The director meets with Cheon and Jun-Wan as the daughter of Jae-Hak’s patient is now complaining for the way he spoke to her. The episode ends with Seok-Hyeong’s mother being brought in as an emergency as the paramedics frantically try to restart her heart. As he hangs up, Seok-Min arrives and asks him what Jun-Wan thought of his resignation letter. On the other hand, we saw Jun-Wan getting very frustrated with his baby patient who he was unable to save. After this week’s cliffhanger, it has certainly added more suspense that I am sure will keep a lot of the audience hooked on this medical drama. Wise Doctor Life) marupoan seri televisi Korea Selatan taun 2020 nan bacarito tantang limo dokter nan bakawan sajak tahun 1999. Reluctant and tired, Min-Ah gets up to check on her. They all discuss their patients then head to do some rehearsing. Hospital Playlist has certainly improved each week as we see the doctors face some difficult situations at work and also in their personal lives. Hospital Playlist 2 (Korean sequel) Native Title: 슬기로운 의사 ... Jang Gyeo Wool [Surgery Resident] Support Role. Half a year has passed by since all five friends have started working under the same roof. ][Hospital Playlist Naver TV Comments + Roundup] Episode 12 (finale) 10:17 PM Ahn Eun Jin , Hospital Playlist , Hospital Playlist Naver TV Comments , Jeon Mi Do , Jo Jung Suk , Jung Kyung Ho , Jung Moon Sung , Kim Dae Myung , Kwak Sun Young , Shin Hyun Bin , Yoo Yeon Seok Comments The drama has done a great job with the characterisation and at keeping the same tone throughout. Just a mention about Min Ha . As daily life at the hospital continues, the show takes a step back from the patients and focuses on the relationships between our doctors and their hospital staff. Min-Ah starts to cry as she is only a second year resident and shakily starts the C-section. I thought eps 7 showed us another positive side to her - she’s obviously the one putting in the hard work in the ob/ gyn department. The Story: Lee Ik Joon (Jo Jung Suk) is an assistant professor of general surgery at Yulje Medical Center in Seoul.He is married, though estranged from his wife (she lives abroad for years, ostensibly for work), and he raises their … This latest chapter brought us one of the most tense scene so far as we watch poor Min-Ah almost at breaking point and having to perform life saving surgery on a mother and her unborn child. He then gets a call from the daughter who apologies to him about her father which prompts Jae-Hak to start defending himself to her. We then see Jae-Hak speaking to his wife on the phone about having to stay in hospital to finish up some things. We then see the parents painfully saying goodbye to their child as his life support machine gets turned of. Meanwhile, Seok-Min relays to Chi-Yong and Sun-Bin what has happened to Jae-Hak and the scam he is a victim off. We also saw another side of him as he is determined to learn from this for any future patients and with his new position, has already made a difference by making sure Jae-Hak didn’t lose any money after the complaint. 11. They all continue to adopt great chemistry on-screen too, while the rest of the doctors compliment them quite well. Since she is a lawyer, she wants him to be punished and so the director suggests a 3 month pay cut for the resident. The Story: Lee Ik Joon (Jo Jung Suk) is an assistant professor of general surgery at Yulje Medical Center in Seoul.He is married, though estranged from his wife (she lives abroad for years, ostensibly for work), and he raises their one little son, named Lee Woo Joo (cutie pie Kim Joon). Thankfully, Seok-Hyeong arrived in time to save the day but also acknowledged how well she dealt with the situation. The actress also revealed her special connection to Kim Tae Hee before they starred in this drama. April 5, 2020 | packmule3 | 20 Comments ... Gyeol Wool might look boring and normal for others from the outside, but to the professors, as the only ‘child’, she looks the prettiest. Hospital Playlist returns this week with its strongest episode to date, featuring some very tense scenes involving the doctors and their work while following their interesting story lines. Seok-Hyeong and Min-Ah visit the mother who thank them for saving her and her baby’s lives. In the evening, Jeong-Won and Gyeol-Wool leave the hospital together. Later on, Jae-Hak heads into Ju-Jeon’s office to see if his letter of resignation has been accepted. All Rights Reserved. Jun-Wan is struggling with the surgery on the baby boy as he is unable to stop the heart valves from leaking. They then move on the conversation to Seok-Hyeong who tells them his mother will not divorce his father even if he gives her all his estates. Drama ko ditulih dek Lee Woo-jung jo disutradarai dek Shin Won-ho. Unfortunately, he tells her he has planned to visit his mother. 137 people found this review helpful. Doctor Jang goes to see a patient who insists on having narcotic painkillers but she sees that he doesn’t need it and may be addicted, so she refuses to give it to him. Hospital Playlist - Korean Drama Review. On September 28, the 2020 Brand of the Year Award winners were announced. At the same time, we see Ik-Jun and Jae-Hak coming to pay their respects to the grieving parents of his baby patient. After the procedure, he relays this to the parents and tells them that nothing else can be done. Drama seri yang mengusung konsep persahabatan, karir, keluarga, dan romansa ini menceritakan kehidupan para tim medis yang bekerja di YULJE Medical Center, Seoul, Korea Selatan. Hospital Playlist tells the story of five doctors who have been friends since they entered medical school in 1999. In the evening, the five doctors meet for their usual dinner in a restaurant. They then talk about her birthday and after her son mentions a party and a trip, Rosa tells him that she just want to go away with him, Jong-Su and Song-Hwa. He tells them that residents need to be more careful how they speak to patients as they get complaints. This showed that he may not be as insensitive as people think. Hospital Playlist: Episode 6 by lovepark. Shin Hyun-been (Korean: 신현빈; born Kwak Hyun-been on April 10, 1986) is a South Korean Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. [SPOILERS!!! Shin Hyun Bin merupakan salah satu pemeran di drama Hospital Playlist.Ia berakting sebagai Jang Gyeo Wool, dokter residen bedah umum di Yulje, salah satu rumah sakit terbesar di Korea di drama Hospital Playlist.. Berakting sebagai tipe cewek pendiam yang ternyata jatuh cinta kepada seniornya. With Jung-suk Jo, Yeon-Seok Yoo, Kyung-ho Jung, Dae-Myung Kim. He sees her getting picked up by another guy before his friends pull up to take him home. Iko pulo manjadi drama seri kaduo dari seri Wise Life satalah Prison Playbook. With Jung-suk Jo, Yeon-Seok Yoo, Kyung-ho Jung, Dae-Myung Kim. Serial drama Korea hits, Hospital Playlist baru saja usai menuntaskan 12 episode-nya pada Kamis 28 Mei 2020 semalam. He replies that Jun-Wan doesn’t care about people’s personal lives as we cut to the latter asking the baby’s parent permission to donate their child’s heart for studying. It is the second installment of the Wise Life series, following Prison Playbook (2017–18). He tells her that she may have to get the baby out herself or both will die. He also explains that he has been putting some of his money in an orphanage. This would make sure he’d be more prepared next time a patient with this condition comes to his care. The drama may have a lot of characters but it has managed to weave the secondary characters with the main cast well, who are of course the glue that holds everything together. I like the actress who plays her because she had an awesome supporting role in The Diary of A Prosecutor ( another nice slice of life ) . She then goes to sleep as she has been overwhelmed with her work and been unable to leave. May 28, 2020. But as I watched through it, I can't help but falling for this drama deeper and deeper as if I'm in the story with the cast. Later on, Ju-Jeon calls Ik-Jun, Jeong-Won and another doctor in his office to talk about how Doctor Jang dealt with the drug addict. Just as Song-Hwa is about to leave to go to her friend’s wedding, Ik-jun joins her in the staff room but burns his fingers on the kettle while Jong-Su meets with Rosa who berates him for not relying on his kids more, especially now after he fell in his bathroom.