Boudin. There's no definitive chaurice sausage recipe, there are many derivations, most are hot and spicy and this recipes is right up there so that any native of Louisiana would consider this OK. For those with a more delicate palette you can always turn down the volume by reducing / halving the amount of cayenne and red chilli flakes. Read my full page on making homemade sausage for more details on this point. The first part of the video series begins at the bottom of the play list: Part 1 of How to Mak... Boiled Shrimp If you know how to boil shrimp, crabs or crayfish the way Cajuns do it, then you are in for a delicious treat. Serve with a side of beans, it doesn't matter what sort of beans although garbanzo beans (aka chick peas) are traditional. Take all the ingredients except the pork and mix them together in a bowl. I find my smoker will produce good smoke at temperatures as low paper towel and refrigerate overnight to allow for complete dispersal of Having been asked to research and write the perfect New Orleans sausage I did (as a European) get a little worried when it narrowed down to Cajun Andouille. There are 2 main varieties: Boudin blanc and boudin noir. That said the more robust hog casing is easier to stuff and link so choose what best suits your skill / experience level of sausage stuffing. Also of French origin, boudin sausage is found throughout Cajun Louisiana and parts of east Texas. Cook until the meat is very tender and falling apart. This will take about 5 minutes. Step 1. Any way of sending or posting pictures? I think I'll try it in a few days. Audio Ingredients 1 cup cooking oil 1 cup all-purpose flour Mix well. 1 tbsp each of red pepper flakes and paprika. If you have a sensitivity to celery then just leave it out. In heavy metal pot or skillet stir over medium heat. in water. Mix by hand for 10 minutes or until all the seasonings are evenly distributed throughout the … I did cut back on the heat some, it turned out great. Put other ingredients into a spice mill and grind until fine. When done, return the pork to the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Alternately, shape into patties. My New Orleans sausage recipe is based on a classic Cajun smoked andouille sausage. You can make your own homemade sausage! Put the garlic and wine into blender or food processor and process until well chopped. It's a good idea to get your casings into some lukewarm water at this stage. Home       What’s New       CONTACT US     Privacy Policy & Disclaimer. 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Post was not sent - check your email addresses! as 135 degrees F, as long as I use wood chips that haven't been soaked A Real Cajun andouille sausage recipe will be strong on the smoke flavor and spicy enough that there's no questioning what you are eating. If you would like some other ideas for ways to use homemade andouille sausage here is a great collection of Rice Recipes (click here) that you can spice up with Cajun flavor. When your links are ready for the smoke house, apply about 4 hours of smoke for best flavor, using pecan or hickory wood for the smoke. In addition, chaurice sausage contains fresh vegetables whereas chorizo contains dried seasoning. What's Lurking in Your Olive Oil | Fox News, Oh Deer! This freezes well. seasoning slurry together in a large bowl and knead for at least 5 Strip Steak, Boudin Balls and Bacon Wrapped Gator Sausage Bites, Meat District - High Quality Grilling Foods Delivered to Your Front Porch. This cookbook is filled with more than 40 traditional Christmas recipes, from boudin balls and Cajun firecrackers, to crawfish etouffee and cornbread dressing, these are the dishes Cajun families in Southern Louisiana will be cooking for Christmas! Dozens of the best sausage recipes for the best sausage you've ever tasted. (Cajun Humor), 20 Top Real Cajun Cooking Recipes of 2011, Cajun Cook | Top 10 Herbs and Spices in My Cajun Kitchen | Keeping it Simple. I made this today. This particular formula calls for some of the pork to be hand chopped instead of ground. Mix the spices and cure with the 1 cup of ice water. Other than the fact that both chaurice and chorizo contain pork and are relatively spicy, that however is pretty much where the similarity ends with chaurice being a fresh sausage and chorizo being a dry cured sausage. Cut the pork shoulder into cubes and run through the grinder using a coarse plate (about 6mm) then return to the refrigerator for ½ hour to ensure that everything is chilled. Cut the pork should up roughly in the 5cm (2") cubes and grind through a 5mm plate. This Baked Shrimp with Lemon-Garlic Butter recipe is so simple to prepare and VERY delicious, too... especially when using Wild White Gulf... Garfish Recipes - 2  Ways to Cook Gar Fish Fried Gar Balls Smoked Alligator Gar Roast The garfish is a prehistoric fish.