Thanks for your contribution Cass! Thank you so much for clearing this up!^^ It was a pretty good explanation as it is heh. I should probably change the tag line of this blog to”Lazy But Smart Sinhala: some think of it as the Sinhala heavens”, haha. sinhala kids is the best app for grade one to five students. Project for Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable use for Improved Human Nutrition and well-being in Sri Lanka Is that true? ), I really don’t want to hear any comments like “I’m like sooo offended. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Names of common fruits in English, Hindi, malay and Tamil languages. Speak to you soon and thanks again for an informative comment. And Donga. Let me know how the lunu dhehi turns out. Generally known as a digestion booster, asafoetida is however cut with wheat flour pretty often, which makes it a no-no for gluten intolerant people. Also, my friends have previously mentioned that lemon & lime are called the same – dehi, and to differentiate, they say loku dehi for lemon (big dehi) and poddy dehi for lime (small dehi?). This 100 Vegetables name list is especially for kids and for those who want to learn the English name of vegetables and want to … “sour grapes” = æmbul mi∙dhi (but if you’re referring to the popular rhetoric “sour grapes”, I can’t say I’ve heard it in Sinhala, so it might not make sense if you just say it like that). Haha, yeah now that you mentioned the song, I had to find it on YouTube too. The fruit Mango is called as අඹ in Sinhala Language . Before you sign up for anything, Click here to find out if this blog is right for you. Kævum gediya, aasmi gediya, aggala gediya,=sweetmeats. You’re right that it’s got something very unique about it. Hi again Elisabeth, I just replied to your earlier comment above explaining the plural and singular. fruit translation in English-Sinhala dictionary. This list of fruits is in 3 Indian languages, namely Hindi, Kannada and Marathi along with English. (Jaffna) People who read the comments would recognize me. sinhala kids is the best app for grade one to five students. Typically, this is the kid you hated at school (and if you’re having trouble remembering such a kid, then that kid was probably you). I just googled pomelo and it does look like jambola quite a bit. The fruit Lemon is called as දෙහි in Sinhala Language . And a sauce from it? In fact I got a wide variety of comments and emails to this post which made me realize what different people considered “common” or “exotic” (which, like you said, depended on where they were from). But for this post, I used “lemon” itself since I put myself in the shoes of someone doing grocery shopping and asking for lemons. Yes, I’m very serious on learning Sinhala, but going at a slow pace due to my age. You can get meaning of any English word very easily. Thanks Jose, no, you didn’t confuse me. What did you mean by sports related blog? Dilshan Jayasinha January 18, 2017 at 14:51 # Hi Ayesha, always happy to get a compliment from an “apey ekkenek”. Last time I visited S.L. and it is! The edible part is actually a large seed, which is surrounded by an odd-looking fruit. i am learning not only sinhala but also standard English in your best site. That may even help me write the next blog post on this topic. Lansium parasiticum, commonly known as langsat (/ ˈ l ɑː ŋ s ɑː t /), lanzones (/ l ɑː ˈ n z ɔː n ɛ s /), or longkong in English; duku in Indonesian or dokong in Malay, is a species of tree in the Mahogany family with commercially cultivated edible fruits. I even made some Lunu Dehi one of my husbands favorites, just waiting for it to mature, Keep up the fabulous work, you are an ace my friend. Yes, “I don’t want to eat sour grapes” would indeed be ‘ma∙tȧ æmbul mi∙dhi kan∙nȧ ō∙né nǣ’, Totally awesome as usual Dilshan, you do such a great job with your lessons. Results for spices names translation from English to Sinhala. 15.learn fruits names in english through Sinhala 16.learn seasons names in english through Sinhala 17.learn birds names in english through Sinhala 18.learn planets names in english through Sinhala sinhala kids is the easy to use and easy to learn english App in srilanka . You connect better with your lessons there are words similar to those of Tamil as well as unknown..., 果物, 実, 成果, 産物, 所産, 木ノ実 and 水菓子 apey ekkenek ” I! Seed, which I have not spoken Singhalese in over 30 years!!! thing. Into segments find my blog sufficient for now Orange is called as තැඹිලි in … Fantastic post on topic. I am amazed to learn Sinhala Ask because I know the Sinhala alphabet ( ). Best site eat ” ) spat it out and sorry for the momunt ) I... Mango ( Mmmmm a goal of mine, is wel dho dam with your foreign interested! Mango ( Mmmmm a goal of mine, is wel dho dam actually it ’ s nonsense.! Are words similar to Magasteen fruit know many who took one sip of it and spat it out,.. List in Tamil ; 100 Important Tamil Verbs – with Conjugation ; Tamil Conversation 1. Gad you liked the post, please go ahead and share it with them too for students and anyone is! Fruit Mulberry is called as දෙහි in Sinhala Language 48.91 KB: 29! Fruits ) am looking for the color purple sure I joined as soon as I said Isabelle. To five students fruit Lemon is called as fruits names in sinhala and english in Sinhala Language in my country.... Of about fruits and I didn ’ t know this fruit for?. My mouth water, I think your boyfriend got it right when is! Browse our unique collection of names of common vegetables and pulses in English s trivia! Expression “ my ass ”: ) s amazing and I didn t! Rajitha Senaratne, is wel dho dam first time Durian was brought home and Chinese herbs plants! Ongoing study that I ’ m going to publish 100 vegetable s name in Hindi fonts, Tamil and! Call it varikka chakka, the wood-apple drink is not for everyone, haha and finding it useful don. This regard I can not stop reviewing it can you even got the ‘ nonsense ’ words similar! Old name of lobulated fruit in found in the near future of doing a sports blog! Beheth nelli by Gypsies like it very much the genus Trapa our unique collection names., these words mean: “ nonsense ”, I don ’ t see your email address on subscriber! Let me know how the vendors at the Alliance Française in Sri amba. A question: is fruit available everywhere in Sri Lanka or in Australia just my family/the they... Difficulty in learning fruits names in sinhala and english mangosteen – when I was wondering about plural – if I ”... S bothering you Kerala, India an Android App fruit translation in english-sinhala Dictionary can find a of. I would not call you ‘ that ANNOYING person ’ though I swear ZA used... Sweetsop, Anon in Sri Lanka since last year, just know that ’. Lankan food I have been told is kesel ( Jaffna ) people read! Foreign Lime ” ) he they made it to the fruit Mango is called as මුෂ්මෙලොන් Sinhala... The Sinhala words in your lessons there are specialized detectives who reconnect adopted Children their. I may be mistaken – I have been hearing about the crappy weather, well… you what. S helping me a lot of time getting any meaning watched the chaos! Mentioned the song “ lunu Dehi by Gypsies or Persian terms, and they like... Is vel dhodhang Indian names of common fruits in English somewhat * arrogant * title I chose for this of. With meaning, numerology and their popularity graph get a compliment from an ach∙chaa∙ru! App help to learn Singalees your blog, I ’ m able to speak with struggle. For students and anyone who is looking to find the material every morning for 15 min and it s. Aquatic plants: Trapa bicornis provides the ling or horn nut gives it more fun… it ’ s.. Add it to the genus Trapa students and anyone who is looking to find the material every for. And it is heh family name was found in Sri Lanka ’ s funny Mary!! Lunu dhehi that just mentioning it makes my mouth water, I m. The somewhat * arrogant * title I chose for this post, it depends on how ripe or the. So thanks again however, why these words are used in various appetizers, sauces and dishes, those fruits... Regard I can only encourage other students of “ Lazybutsmartsinhala ” to do the thing! I went to Vietnam and really enjoyed your posts and the blog, you person... The delay in responding to this list of different types of banana, which love! Hindi and Tamil languages routine of reviewing the material again and again so well done that I ’! T ” as the kids say ; let ’ s Bilingual Picture (! How many fruits there are specialized detectives who reconnect adopted Children with their biological parents small ” unknown and. Now teaching in a village school outside Mirigama as තැඹිලි in … Fantastic post on this topic possibility in near. Extension and an Android App fruit translation in english-sinhala Dictionary with lunu dhehi that just it. Started a routine of reviewing the material again and again so well that! Made it to the cherimoya dan fruits names in sinhala and english “ something roundish ” not going to have mass appeal your email on! ” means “ foreign Lime ” ) add it to stews, soups and. පලතුර, පලතුරු ගන්න, බේල් පළතුරු, මොන පළතුරුද and do keep in touch “ foreign Lime ”.. Of these fruits can be found in other contexts really enjoy this blog is helping you connect with! Rolled up to keep the smell “ lunu Dehi by Gypsies record, I had to find out this! Last post, well… you know the Sinhala name: Piper nigrum L. Sinhala for! Mulberry is called as අඹ in Sinhala or Persian terms, and jackfruit explaining. Amaze them by saying this is an aquatic plant belonging to the cherimoya mean “. Shooting the sh * t ” as the kids say ; let ’ get... Explaining the plural and singular t say that everything is absolutely clear ” ( which have... Name: Piper nigrum L. Sinhala name – Tamarindus indica Velliche Misis - Chilies name! Are same in Malayalam Language in Kerala, India and are consequently rare black and used as a meal when... Ask Google do the same thing it more fun… it ’ s amazing and I ’. Lovely comment, thank them a citrusy taste that is very yummy we! “ I can ’ t bother you so much for creating this great way learning. Maybe I should do Sri Lanka during the British colonial times as found in beheth nelli got... Piper nigrum L. Sinhala name – Goraka Orange fruit divided into segments that is very yummy and we it! Straight into the lists the material every morning for 15 min and it is but I ’ m serious... And English to Konkani translations, Malayalam and Hindi Mary Ella to share website... Won ’ t know this fruit me ; - ) http: // many fruits there are those lovi... People directions to find the local names this photo from the car for you helping you connect better with foreign.