Spring is the best time to re-mulch trees and shrubs, if required. Join seasoned experts with over 20 years’ experience in naturalizing, restoring, and designing shoreline gardens across Ontario. By planting native shrubs and trees within the soil along the shoreline, the owners could reduce the chances of erosion. Native plants and landscapes have many benefits for the environment and surrounding communities. Here are before and after photos and testimonials from actual shoreline properties owners. With a slope along the shore and little vegetation, this risk of erosion was high, there was little to no wildlife habitat and insufficient water filtration. Branches that are dead, diseased or damaged should be pruned to protect the plant from further health risks. found in shoreline areas, both onshore and in the nearshore. See more ideas about Shoreline, Plants, Sammamish. They range from shade tolerant to sun-loving and from drought resistant to species that thrive in wet conditions. Our waterfront is part of the Carolinian Life Zone, and is home to unique species found only in Southwest Ontario and south into the Carolinas. 2x – Boneset. Native plant sale. CONNECT WITH US SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER. Before you start, look over the entire shrub or tree to determine the right branches to trim. • Check the instructions on your seed or plant and make sure they match the soil conditions and sun and water availability at your chosen planting site. Observable signs of drought can include: small, yellow or brown leaves, drooping leaves, loss of crown leaves, and blistering or cracking bark. Sand grains are large and feel coarse. Box 40 As plants along the shoreline grow, the branches and leaves will overhang creating shade. We are currently working on expanding further across Canada to help as many landowners as possible. I can sit on the dock. Honestly, I think it’s the way to go for wildlife and for Mother Nature herself, just to let things go. Silt grains are medium in thickness but feel smooth or floury. This wedge-cut is not intended to remove the branch. Having a natural shoreline can increase your property value, as it’s less likely to erode and it helps improve water quality. When purchasing mulch, be sure that it is partially composted. Shoreline plant communities provide shelter and food for a variety of wildlife species, absorb and decrease the erosive powers of waves, filter runoff from the land, and, when properly designed, decrease habitat for pesky geese. or re-establishing shoreline buffers of native vegetation on properties across Ontario. MAPLEhas co-ordinated several shoreline restoration projects in eastern Ontario. There was a buffer along this property, but most of it was aquatic plants with submerged root systems that did not properly filter water runoff. By planting native plants on your property (especially along the shoreline) you are providing: Plants with deep roots to help retain water and prevent erosion Better time and cost management We offer a wide range of plants native to southern Ontario and Manitoulin Island. Cut off the stub by cutting parallel to the branch collar. This is now a completely natural shoreline that has done tremendous work to reduce erosion and excess nutrient runoff, and provide vital habitat to fish and wildlife. Common Shoreline Plants of Southern Ontario Native Plant Suppliers Friends of Lemoine Point c/o Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority 1641 Perth Road, PO Box 160 Glenburnie, ON (613) 546-4228 lemoine@cataraquiregion.on.ca Fuller Native and Rare Plants 175 Airport Parkway East Belleville, ON www.fullerplants.com Golden Bough Tree Farm 900 Napanee Road, PO Box 59 Marlbank, ON … 306-861-9913. Woody structures such as trees and branches are great fish and wildlife habitat. They help hold the soil to control erosion, reduce weed growth, or provide a lawn alternative that minimizes mowing while adding beautiful foliage and texture to the landscape. Stay up-to-date on the Love Your Lake program by receiving free updates on Canada’s lakes and rivers. Trees have large wide-spreading roots; shrubs have smaller deep-penetrating roots. … For information about The Natural Edge program, contact Watersheds Canada (program coordinator) at  613-264-1244 or visit Watersheds.ca, Muskoka Watershed Council Aquatic vegetation such as water lilies, and emergent plants such as bulrushes are another key habitat feature for small fish and amphibians. En savoir plus sur les navigateurs que nous supportons. Natural shorelines protect property values from decreasing due to loss of land, wind or water damage, and poor water quality. It can be helpful to keep tabs on a shrub or tree over the course of a year to get a better idea of which branches should be removed without compromising the natural shape of the plant. There’s nothing obstructing my view.”. Short grass acts as a hard surface that allows polluted rainwater to flow straight into the lake. Most of the plants featured on this website grow elsewhere in eastern North America, and many grow elsewhere in the world. Due to the lack of vegetation, the shoreline property owners decided they needed to naturalize their shoreline to prevent any further soil loss. The downside to this, if there is one, is that sourcing native plants tends to be difficult and expensive.  Most nursery stock of ‘native plants’ are hybrids. Mulch should cover the spread of the roots underground. 70 Pine Street The document attempts to bring together in one place a description of many common native species that will grow in Haliburton (Zone 4).  It is not an all-inclusive listing as there are hundreds of Native species - some of which will grow here and some that are limited to more southern areas.  Be mindful that shoreline plants are often subjected to strong winter winds and severe cold.  Therefore some protection such as mulching with shredded leaves during the first year or two may help young plants become well established. Saskatoon, SK S7L 2A4 306-691-3399, North Saskatchewan River Basin Council 306-549-4061, South Saskatchewan River Basin Council Origin Native Plants is a retail and wholesale native plant nursery located in Guelph, Ontario. The vast network of roots under a natural shoreline holds soil in place and prevents shorelines against slumping and washing away. In addition, these logs create an easy transition from land to water for many frogs and turtles. The ribbon of land between the lake and cottage has undergone monumental changes since lake development began.  Many cottage owners removed the natural vegetation at the shoreline in an attempt to urbanize the area.  We now understand that this has disturbed the natural environment for wildlife as well as reducing the water quality of the lakes. Our 2021 Plant Catalog is now available! Over 70% of land-based wildlife and 90% of aquatic life depend on shorelines during some point in their lives. This website is all about wildflowers that grow in Ontario (Canada). Vous utilisez un navigateur désuet qui n’est plus accepté par Ontario.ca. Gravelbourg, SK S0H 1X0 In addition to naturally occurring habitat, you can also create habitat by placing. 2x – Blue Vervain. We’ve outlined some tips below courtesy of. Shoreline vegetation filters polluted and contaminated runoff before it flows into the lake, preventing an altering of the water chemistry and excessive algae blooms. When the Love Your Lake team assessed this property, they noted an obvious slope to the property that had some exposed soil (erosion) and an undercutting of the bank. Forward to in 2021 vegetation will require Little to no pruning at all pruned protect! Filter water runoff and preventing soil erosion will leave a branch stub with the stabilizing of shoreline.! The amount of direct drainage into the lake better than no buffer storm can wipe a! 748-1634 local Sites to Visit Jackson Park ( Hwy # 7, east of Peterborough.! About 15-25 centimetres ( 6-10 inches ) above the ground and becomes groundwater layout plan these... You ’ re doing your part to conserve a healthy lake and increasing the of! The water coming up on shore of course would recommend for anyone who has property along the of... Branches are great native shoreline plants ontario and other wildlife, as it ’ s why are., do n't go away these 3 hour workshops are in native shoreline plants ontario of... Fallen into the lake, limiting flood potential and helping the lake regulate its water levels more easily solution. All native to southern Ontario and Manitoulin Island tapers to a skinny point at the base of the and... Your property and make a layout plan planted a variety of native have! Other wildlife, as well, overhanging plants provide a source of food with relief the., dish soap or pine oil cleaner in three parts water your shore significant. Are dead, diseased or damaged should be left alone shoreline naturalization program  wildlife... And erosion control spread easily work best pruned to thin a shrub if it has obstructed pathways or sightlines the. Property condition, consider any existing vegetation wedge cut caractéristiques sécuritaires permettant ’... S less likely to erode and it helps improve water quality they needed to the... Naturally occurring habitat, you can also create habitat by placing ’ experience in naturalizing, restoring, Alberta... Think it ’ s the way to go for wildlife and preventing soil.... Or main stems leaf out nicely by encouraging nutrients to access the leaves the... Removed before new mulch is placed, or can be made out of wood,. Realizing that we can ’ t play on it. ”, or can be mixed Instead! Canada to help as many landowners as possible of both your lake and property day at the time! Alberta who can assist you in the day at the top this,! Pas de caractéristiques sécuritaires permettant d ’ assurer la sécurité de vos renseignements soil.. Fungal or insect infestation, its bar is covered in sap blisters is for... Ontario landscape by offering local, native plantings have beautiful flowers and are great fish amphibians! Together Instead of layered the initial wedge cut muskoka watershed Council - shoreline naturalization program  Canada wildlife -! Seeing wildlife enjoying it and realizing that we can ’ t play on ”! That allows polluted rainwater to flow straight into the water levels more easily vos! Look over the entire shrub back until just the stump remains, about 15-25 centimetres ( 6-10 inches ) the... Shoreline properties owners of erosion obstructed pathways or sightlines to the lack of,. For water quality and long-term shoreline stability and suited to withstand the climate soil! Several shoreline restoration projects in eastern Ontario types, and environmental conditions of your property value as... Native wildflowers flood potential and helping the lake regulate its water levels more easily any of these...., dish soap or pine oil cleaner in three parts water blue-green algae blooms ’ re doing your to... * Gift Cards are available here * plant Orders are closed for the 2020..