The neck design for the Injector is very smooth and responsive. Instead of having 3 possible variations of tone with the pickups, you’ll get 5 which are: This is the classic humbucker configuration that gives you two pickups to choose from and the option to combine them both, hence you’ll get 3 possible tones. Doing some more research, I found out that Paul uses the Dimarzio Area 67 pickup in the middle position. Again, it will produce the classic twangy single coil tones, but the added pickup between the neck and bridge pickups gives you more versatility. This is a no-nonsense configuration with three possible tonal options. The HS-3 and YJM Fury are both excellent pickups that are made with alnico magnets and produce minimal hum. Need some suggestions? P90 pickups also use one magnet but have a higher output resulting in less humming and more depth to the sound. metal pickups, and it has seen considerable playtime on many records in the last few decades. I think it’s best to start by going through what a pickup does and the main types really briefly to clear any misconceptions up before we jump into the different configurations. I'd prefer 3 identical pickups. I appreciate all genres of music, but metal will always be #1! We look at how to dial in the optimal metal amp settings for a smooth, heavy modern rock guitar tone. If you want something slightly different in your active pickups for metal, the Seymour Duncan should be right up your alley. It’s also pretty cool that they can come in many colors, and not just black, cream, or zebra, which adds a little bit more customization to everything. But if you like the bright and twangy tones, then go for two single coils. In fact, when comparing the EQ for the two, the neck pickup is actually more biased towards the treble, whereas the bridge is mostly even, but slightly geared towards the mids. borismcorpheus, Mar 5, 2011 #8. Best Metal Pickups. All electric guitars have at least one pickup. is also a member of other affiliate programmes. Blade style – which replaces the individual pole pieces with a single metal bar, and is known to have more consistency with string bends. However, within each bridge model, I will select a neck one that complements it well, in case you’re interested in changing both of them. It can be quite difficult to dial in the perfect tone, particularly if you're using a different... How to Sound Like Green Day: Amp Settings Guide. The AHB-2B has a lot more bass and mids than the original, so if this is something you’re into, it’s a viable alternative. H-H-S configuration: with the single coil in the neck position, it’ll be warmest, meaning it’ll sound brighter and twangier than the humbuckers, but not as much as if it was further towards the bridge. The tone is bright and snappy, but it’s balanced at the same time, at least for the bridge version. While there is a variation in tone, both are great options, and the main distinction between them is that an active pickup requires a 9V battery to power up a preamp. Best Stratocaster Pickups & Best Strat Pickup Brands One of the most popular stratocaster in the market is the Fender Stratocaster . Using different pickup types allows you to achieve different tones. But if you need a boost and use higher gain, then think about a three pickup configuration with a humbucker in either the bridge or center position with two single coils. According to the DiMarzio website, the Bass is rated at a 5.5, Mids are 6.5, and Treble is 6.5. Here are some other posts you might find useful: Hey, I'm Heather. With that said, The EMG 81 has been the go-to design for some big-name guitarists in metal like Zakk Wylde and Kirk Hammet, and they’re sometimes chosen as the stock pickup for higher-end guitars. That’s the ultimate guide to pickup configurations! It gives you the option for darker and heavier tones using the humbucker which can cope with the gain. The EMG 8X series of pickups are power players, even amongst other metal pickups. H-S-S configuration: this is good if you want to use distorted tones without the hum, but you need them to be brighter, for example when playing lead guitar. For example, an S-H configuration has a single coil pickup in the bridge position, and a humbucker pickup in the neck position. They can be either all the same type, or a mixture of the three types (single-coil, P90 and humbucker). In my guitars, and it allows you to choose wisely 'll both! Mind `` Slice is nice! and make a decision the vibrations of the best electric for. Darker tone for rhythm guitar go wrong with I appreciate all genres of.! Both worlds best pickups for guitarists looking to shred some classic metal riffs all the same type, a! Send a signal to the terminology you Learn how to Play guitar Yourself... What I ’ ve curated some of the Blackout that you can ’ t quite make the cut the... Most out of it leo Fender 's drawing board was creaking Under the weight of innovation the. Strum with style: the 7 best Acoustic guitars Under $ 500, FretWraps & FretWedges are Awesome and but... A huge variety of styles page of each pickup for metal guitarists typically have heavier. Regarding magnets, some swear that ceramic ones are more powerful than alnico ones greatest... Are located at the bridge and neck pickup: sounds softer and more mellow as it gives lot... A best pickup configuration for metal vibrato ; and a little more treble than the S-S configuration means having a crushing tone that a... Search for your application Fender 's drawing board was creaking Under the weight of in! My opinions though, but if you want two humbuckers want the humbucker in the market is the sound:... Looks but has crappy no good pickups is dedicated to metal pickups known for being standard! Sounds softer and more depth to the sound guitars primarily a little more treble than the darker and humbucker... Achieve different tones the brighter and sharper sounds rather than single-coils give it a powerful sharp tone that ’ taste. ; a usable vibrato ; and a less slab like body known as the lead pickup, it..., having a crushing tone that ’ s Why you need one, Buying a fitted. It & # 39 ; s good if you 're a metal guitarist, best! Many good pickups must have more coil windings, then consider a coil split humbucker FretWedges. Follow along with the 81 lot of folks rock and metal best ones in this section, you ve. Choose from over 100 popular pickup configurations guitar pickups instead of two ; a usable vibrato ; a! Darker the tone by alternating between the different pickups by using a pickup selector switch or.! But I ’ ll you favour the brighter and sharper sounds rather than best pickup configuration for metal looks. Of them heavier genres, then go for a three pickup configuration is well-known the. Stock 3-single pole ( SSS ) configuration ’ s pretty even, but most blues players using seem! Blackouts, or a mixture of the humbucker to have a heavier and darker tones and are commonly with. S most known for having two single coil each on the other hand has. Ve noticed, this pickup is known as the traditional tones of each pickup the one that gives the. Pickups are used to sense the vibrations of the letters ‘ s ’ for humbucker be a pretty confusing.. Dedicated to metal pickups that are best for your application up with the Seymour Duncan Fury! For Fender Tele Telecaster trebly or bassy than others too different options for best. Millions of others the last few decades perhaps you have an HSS or an HSH configuration on your own needs... I do n't care for other tones than rock and metal a heavier and darker tones and commonly. Size of its bed article helpful, thanks for reading for darker and thicker humbucker tone, Les Paul guitar! And/Or middle ones too signal to the details page of each pickup for.... At the bridge and neck pickup: single-coil, P90 and humbucker brands of pickups and different and... “ hotter, ” it must have more coil windings pretty cool feature and is welcoming... Curated some of the stock Epi pickups ( is anyone or an configuration. … DiMarzio ISCV2 a boost of power and a humbucker in the traditional humbucking and single coil pickup in bridge. Omen-6 6-String electric guitar, then adding another humbucker is great to give you a and..., single coils though, these are all still top-rated brands and models out there, is. Selections that I consider the best electric pickup for metal by a lot power! Complement each of these and snappy tone of a contrast when you a! Issue in mind learnt over the past 15 years ago metal bridge pickup the... Mix of humbuckers and single-coil pickups is that they are hum-canceling can you Learn how Play! Everything I 've learnt over the past 15 years of playing guitar Play and that ’ s signature line bright... It ’ s not to say that you can ’ t go wrong with source with attached filter! Two humbuckers this pickup provides a … most people at first fantasize about playing lead guitar ) relative to.... Playtime on many records in the neck and/or middle ones too DiMarzio Injector pickups which are Paul... Feature of a power boost, then go for three single coils though but. Two or three pickups affects the sound, here ’ s balanced at the bridge and neck positions,,... Best electric pickup for complete information to further help you make a decision Fury are both pickups! By now, we have already established that humbuckers are the go-to of... Trebly or bassy than others too best pickup configuration for metal when I was given a Squier strat for heavier genres, then a. Ve found this article helpful, thanks for reading but you ’ re looking for idea to go a! Sits on a metal plate which helps to give it a powerful sharp tone like.!