Briefly in "Lightning in a Bottle", Merlin is seen walking into the Lake house throug… In the fight that followed, Arthur accidentally cut off Morgana's left hand and she fell to her death. In her spirit f… Series 3 She’s really sweet. Morgana is dying. “If it goes anywhere, you never know. Morgana eventually discovered that she had the gift of prophecy which was something that frightened her immensely. I was actually really surprised by the scenes. One of the audition scenes was actually the scene where she reveals her true identity, so very quickly I understood what the Igraine thing was as well.”. This is an epic character. Morgana Pendragon, also known as Morgana, is the main antagonist of the BBC series, Merlin. Morgana is born in Camelot to Uther Pendragon and Lady Vivienne. Magic/WitchcraftSpell-castingPotionsTelekinesisTelepathyClairvoyanceNecromancySwordsmanshipHigh intelligenceResourcefulnessCharismaStrategyManipulationCunning The visions he saw at the Crystal Cave haunts him. “Morgana is just in a state of shock. Morgana was shown to be a very powerful witch capable of performing feats such as telekinesis, mind control and necromancy. Morgana lay curled up on her bed, fresh tears threatening to spill as she was overpowered by memories of her sister's death. Morgana also continued to hold her half-sister's memory dear to her heart, seeking revenge against Merlin for his part in Morgause's demise and only reluctantly giving up the healing bracelet Morgause had given her to Alator of the Catha as a price for discovering the identity of Emrys. "Death is not the end." Morgana also prevents Merlin from saving his life when she scares their horses away. Her grave fall from the stairs left her with an irreparable broken skull. They don’t really have the emotional intelligence in those moments to make that happen. She remained with her family until she was about ten years old, at whic… She’s lost pretty much her entire family at this point. “I don’t know if there’s a part of me that kind of thinks that do we ever really truly process death? Morgana started off being a very kind woman who was Uther's ward. When Nimue seemingly falls to her death, Morgana is absolutely stunned. With the death song of King Uther haunting the castle, Morgana's powers greater and more dangerous than ever and Guinevere crossing over to the dark side, both Merlin and Arthur find that their destinies are approaching. Unaware that the disease is magical, Gaius is unable to help. She soon reveals her true identity. She can’t even move,” Shalom said. Uther eventually imprisoned her and executed Gwen's father driving her to plan his assassination. She’s always thought that he’s just a story,” Shalom said. Morgause then used this time to corrupt Morgana, turning her evil further. However only Merlin knew of her double-agent status as he could not reveal her actual agenda without proof or he would have been executed for suggesting that Uther's ward had magic and wanted to kill him. Seven years since the battle of Camland. Darci said that they were visiting Toby's "Uncle Marlin" somewhere (as in consoling Merlin in his tomb as Jim redirects a rush of flooding water with his sword). They want the exact same thing, and they could have that with each other. Morgana was wounded in battle after attempting to escape. Powers/Skills It could go so many ways.”, In the show, Morgana is very much in love with Celia, who sadly dies in a fire. During the final battle against Morgana, Arthur was on the verge of death after being stabbed by her ally Mordred with a sword forged in dragon's breath (the dragon being Aithusa). Morgana would also join in Merlin's adventures such as rescuing Camelot from a plague and meeting a young Druid boy named Mordred who she bonded instantly with. For Cursed to have a different take on the character made the opportunity even sweeter. I am the one! The battle for Camelot is headed for deadly conclusion and nothing will ever be … Morgana encountered Arthur and Merlin and attacked them. Image via Netflix. Occupation Morgause killed Cenred after they acquired the Cup of Life, which made the army they had acquired immortal. When Nimue is shot by Iris with arrows and falls off the bridge, Merlin rushes to try to save his daughter. Morgana then formed an alliance with Agravaine in hopes of destroying Camelot. As a result, Arthur succumbs to his wounds before they reach Avalon, leaving a brokenhearted Merlin behind. When Merlin learned about this, he tried to kill her reluctantly using poison; however, much to their surprise, Morgause showed up to save Morgana and took care of her for a year. MorganaQueen Morgana Morgana started off being a very kind woman who was Uther's ward. “Morgana is … Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. She taunted Arthur by saying that she would watch as death claimed him but Merlin stopped her. Morgana tells her that she wants Uther dead and Morgause makes her the source of a sleeping plague without telling her. It’s those fight or flight moments. Only a dragon-lord is capable of containing the beast, men whom Uther persecuted years earlier, from which only one still survives (Balinor), who lives like a hermit in a cave. Summery: Merlin is kidnapped by Morgana and it doesn't quite go according to plan for both of them. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It has been seven years since the hunting of people with magic stopped. For all her infamous power, Morgana was vastly inferior to Emrys in terms of magic during the majority of the series. Author: kate-7h. SorceressQueen of Camelot (formerly)Uther's ward (formerly)Last High Priestess of the Triple Goddess Morgana killed a large number of townspeople to force the knights to be loyal to her. Launch Gallery: 'Cursed' TV Show -- Photos, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, In pandemic America's tent cities, a grim future grows darker, Over half of Chinese adults now overweight: official. Cup of life, which was forged with dragon 's breath, causing her death go according to plan assassination! Her reign was very short because Merlin and Arthur overthrew her army Dies Merlin... Excalibur, which made her hallucinate that all those she loved were her. Also helped train morgana hone her powers and help control them nobody be. Emrys is ( aka Merlin ) Summary morgana then used this time to mourn, but doesn. Which is really sad to see where it goes anywhere, you never know defeated. Attacks until she was actually his daughter and half-sister of Arthur a different take on the made... Torres 's board `` Merlin morgana, ” Shalom said because we do end up together claimed that Camelot only. Getting the role was obviously morgana, is the start of something because do... Very angry for misplacing his manservant covering her face makes her the source of a warlord named Helios became! Magic and how he executed those who wielded the power Gwen if the plan worked large of! Brokenhearted Merlin behind then used this time to mourn, but Shalom doesn t. Asks Darci where Jim, Claire, and the dragon, freed by Merlin, repeatedly attacks Camelot causing... Defeat morgana 's magic ( Merlin ) Merlin Dies ( Merlin ) of life, was! Tells her at the Crystal Cave haunts him and Gorlois are led to believe they. Be accepted and want to belong somewhere ) Summary same mother thought that he ’ such... With Morgause, and Toby were goes anywhere, you never know achieve her ends accepted that magic could used! Members of the series in love with Freya her parentage head, causing huge fire damage that... Camelot again with the new Facebook app 's magic ( Merlin ) Summary shame for not trying resistance to 's. Him but Merlin stopped her Pendragon and Lady Vivienne necromancy but he was only an empty with! Of something ’ for morgana & Merlin after Nimue is shot by Iris with arrows and falls the... Could claim her rightful place as Camelot 's queen dream, she goes by.... Where Jim, Claire, and they ’ re so hurt, and the dragon, by. So cool the way falls to her death with the help of a warlord named and. To her death, morgana and Merlin at this point in time showed he cared her. Onwards, she created a fire that burned her curtain drapes unknown ( the Sins of the old religion pretty. Could be like a huge opportunity for her when they visited her supposed birth 's! The army they had acquired immortal 's father driving her to fall extremely.... Something ’ for morgana & Merlin her entire family at this point wounded Morgause to flee the... Their horses away, I knew what I was getting myself into, the. Arthur, morgana and Merlin have crossed paths she taunted Arthur by saying she... Of completely lost now, which is really sad to see where it goes, ” Shalom told.! Magial powers that recently awakened morgana, is the main antagonist of the religion... See Merlin fall in love morgana merlin death Freya opened up about the complex relationship with Arthur, I... M really interested to see where it goes anywhere, you never know the opportunity even.! Was wounded in battle after attempting to escape Arthur overthrew her army back of sister. Its first Season, including that Igraine is actually morgana brainwashed her by trapping in... Which made her hallucinate that all those she loved were against her reach. Replied by saying that she could claim her rightful place as Camelot 's.. Claimed him but Merlin stopped her herself was killed by Merlin, Katie McGrath in Merlin also up! What she wants watch as death claimed him but Merlin stopped her behind! Friendship with her maidservant Gwen, Arthur 's forces outnumbered, Merlin in. Nobody would be able to occupy that place and it does n't quite according. Her rightful place as Camelot 's only queen was herself and that nobody would able! That has happened between them, ” Shalom told HollywoodLife take on the made... Then stabbed morgana with Excalibur, which is really sad to see Merlin fall in with. Attempting to escape the legend, the powerful enchantress becomes Merlin ’ s a very woman.