Lectures, and in general presentation of subjects to students by computer, can be very nice and attractive, and the students become more interested in learning. Retrieved from: http://hdl.handle.net/10603/212642. She was very happy to use the computer, instead of the usual typewriter, because she found it very easy to make corrections or to add parts, as we often required. On the contrary, integrals needed to be programmed by the users, on the basis of different approximate formulas. The automation of library collections also allows the library to be more flexible when it comes to any increases in demand. Now in any laboratory this is an obvious facility, but it was not so when we made experiments in the 70ties. Every time there was an error in the program, one had to find the error, replace the suitable cards in the Source Program and repeat all the procedure. As an example, let us here refer to angle of arrival. The originals of the ancient documents were on different materials, such as on stone, marble, wood, ceramics, metal, papyrus, paper or similar supports. Moreover, even when the support is good, you need a suitable instrument to read it. Many people also find reading printed material to be easier than reading material on a computer screen. Right: cover and one page of a course on Basic and Fortran languages. Through library automation, in-house collections and resources can be computerized, spreadsheets and databases can be automated, CD-ROMs can be provided in-house and the Internet can be made available to patrons. With our eyes we are able to read them directly on the original version. Preservation and conservation: An exact copy of the original can be made any number of times without any degradation in quality. At a library, it doesn't matter ... but they also answer questions about computer and internet training, ... to seek shelter and take advantage of the resources the library has to offer. In different libraries of Italy I have found 7 more volumes of the first edition (this one) and 5 volumes of the second edition, published by the same typographer in the same year. Elea was also the name of an old city of Magna Graecia (precisely Lucania, south Italy) seat of a Greek school of Philosophy. In spite of the complex and cumbersome procedure of preparing the programs, the introduction of computers made a big step for the research, both for theoretical applications and for the elaboration of experimental data, as we will see in the sequel.. For the future, there is the important problem of conservation, because of the weakness of the support. There was a card writer (holes) and a large printer that printed on paper the output from the cards. To describe the procedure, let us refer as an example to experiments we made in 1974. Implementing Internet of Things in a military command and control... Celestial image processing on a symmetrical multiprocessor, Computers in mathematics: teacher-inservice training at a distance. This functionality is provided solely for your convenience and is in no way intended to replace human translation. About 40 were produced […] Just as other computers of the time, this one was a … dinosaur. A copy was printed every month until 1964 and distributed to Astronomical Observatories and other Institutions. Finally, by taking advantage of the latest developments in computer technology, readers of different ability levels can better understand the various strategies they do and do not engage in when reading in order to improve fluency and comprehension (Freese, 1997). It occupied large, air-conditioned rooms […] A cabinet included main memory and CPU (additional cabinets were required for memory extensions). The user can get his/ her information on his own computer screen by using the Internet. We had to find suitable compromises, but we were able to make measurement and data elaboration with the same computer. 6. One user of Elea, Luigi Logrippo, who worked in the Olivetti Computer Marketing Division, 1961-1964, remembers: “The Olivetti Elea 9003 was the first industrial electronic computer made in Italy. Programming was in Fortran, one of the first versions. Sometimes, with books, it is as large as one book page…. digital libraries have the potential to store much more information, simply because digital information requires very little physical space to contain them. Left: Scheme of experiment for angle of arrival measurement. Computers and advanced technologies have made it possible to enhance services in diverse industries including libraries. Top 10 library management system advantages Colleges may not look much like it did a few years back. The output was on diskettes and printing was by means of the Secretariat computer. Concerning students a question arises: how large is the correlation area in the mind of students when they use computers?